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Cherry Blossom Time



Members of the Yuujou Daiko sounded the arrival of the 17th Annual Cherry Blossom Festival in Monterey Park’s Barnes Park on April 26 and 27. The drums were heard all around the city as residents and their guests arrived at the park to enjoy the beauty of the Japanese culture.





Wonderful flower arraignments were on display for all to enjoy. Guests were able to learn how to make their own special flower arraignment.



Kimekomi dolls were on display as part of the festival.

The guests walked among the numerous booths that featured Japanese music and movies, clothing, leather products, flowers, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit and more.

Information booths provided information on various subjects that included green energy and education.

The most popular booths were the food booths, which sold a vast selection of Japanese and American foods, which everyone enjoyed.


Rodney Kageyama was the Master of Ceremonies. He welcomed everyone to this special event.




The Kid’s Crafts featured making toy kites, a clown making balloon toys and animals and the Library booth where everyone could create a cherry blossom tree with black ink and a red marker.




Members of the Kimono Club were dressed in many of the traditional kimonos. The elected officials and special guests posed for pictures with them.


Paper flowers made for the La Tanabata Festival were on display. Several residents tried their hand at creating the flowers under the watchful eyes of the committee.



Members of the Mark Keppel Aztec Singers performed to the delight of the audience.


Community College Boardmember Mike Eng said he was happy to be home to celebrate the Cherry Blossom Festival. He honored Karen Ogawa, the Chairperson and her committee for this wonderful event.


Karen Ogawa welcomed the residents and their guests to the 17th year of the festival. She thanked the committee and the volunteers. This year we are honoring the memory of Kathy Shishima who passed way on December 30, 2013. The kites being created by the children are in her memory. Please visit the gym for exhibits and more entertainment. She thanked everyone for attending the Cherry Blossom Festival.


Former Mayor Francisco Alonso joined Mayor Anthony Wong, Mayor Pro Tem Hans Liang, Councilmembers Peter Chan, Mitch Ing and Teresa Real Sebastian on the stage.

Mayor Wong said it is a beautiful day in Monterey Park. He welcomed everyone to the 17th Annual Cherry Blossom Festival. We are a city of energy. Let’s all celebrate together.

Mayor Pro Tem Liang welcomed everyone to this event. He thanked the committee for all of their hard work. Today we are also celebrating Earth Day. Enjoy the festival!

Councilmember Chan thanked the staff and committee for this event. He wished everyone good health and a good beginning of the year. Enjoy today!

Councilmember Ing welcomed all to this special event. We are celebrating the Japanese culture. We celebrate all of the cultures in the city. Enjoy the day!

Councilmember Real Sebastian welcomed everyone to Monterey Park. This is one of her favorite festivals. She thanked everyone for visiting the city. Enjoy the day!

Former Mayor Alonso also welcomed guests to this festival now in its 17th year. This is a tradition in Monterey Park. Enjoy yourself!


Rodney Kageyama welcome Alysha Del Valle to the festival. She is the morning traffic reporter on ABC7 Eyewitness News.

Ms. Del Valle welcomed all to this special event.



Masahiro Suga from the Japanese Consul General’s office welcomed everyone to the festival. He appreciates the Cherry Blossom Festival, which honors friendship.


Assemblymember Ed Chau welcomed all to this event. He thanked the exhibitors and the performers.  He presented a proclamation to Joan Merino, a member of the Environmental Commission in honor of Earth Day.


Boardmember Mike Eng made a presentation to Joan Merino and Carl Wong, members of the Environmental Commission in honor of Earth Day. He stated that Earth Day was founded in 1970. We need to pay attention to the environment.


Rosemarie Marquez from Supervisor Gloria Molina’s office presented a proclamation to the Council in honor of Earth Day. She said today we celebrate Earth Day and the Cherry Blossom Festival.


Terry and Ryoko Suzuki were honored by the city as founders of the Monterey Park Nachikatsuura Sister City Association. They have dedicated their lives to increasing the understanding between peoples of the world in order to ensure a lasting peace. Alysha Del Valle presented the award from the city.


Alysha Del Valle presented the award from the city to the Mark Keppel High School Academic Team.  Coach Tin Tran and students from Team A: Chaney Tse, Annette Cai, Jourdyn Lao, Patrick Chea, Eric Lin, Lisa Fong, Joshua Bustamante, Lin Tian, Issac Vazquez and Justin Ho. Students from Team B: Christina Tran, Stephen Yaun, Gary Huang, Chanel Tse, Michelle Lai, Gary Zhou, Jeffrey Wong, Kelly Du, Derick Wong and Iris Huang.

They are the Grand Marshals of the Play Day’s Parade.  They were honored for securing first place in the Los Angeles County Academic Decathlon. Alhambra School Boardmember Bob Gin stated he was proud of our students and congratulated the students on their success.




Earth Day featured some vehicles that run on sun power or manpower.  There were several booths that offered tips to save energy and money by going green.


Members of Kodama Taiko beat our several tunes in Japanese folk music.  Children were fascinated by the drums and watch the stage in awe.

The two-day Cherry Blossom Festival features karate and martial arts demonstrations, folk dances, puppet shows, folktales, magic, origami demonstrations, sushi demonstrations, a tea ceremony and much more.

Hundreds of residents and visitors enjoyed sharing in the Japanese culture at Barnes Park.

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