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Edison Trails Park Trees


Here are the remains of three pine trees ordered cut down by the Real Estate Division of Southern California Edison at the end of the Edison Trails Park in Monterey Park. The city also had a bottle tree cut down to the ground. This site is located across the street from La Loma Park.

City Manager Paul Talbot explained the license issues with Southern California Edison who own the land that houses their towers, poles and power lines during several council meetings.  The city has had a license for the last 49 years to use this land as a city park.

Monterey Park is responsible to keep the trees trimmed so they don’t interfere with any of Edison’s towers, poles and power lines.

In October 2013 when the city renewed the license Edison changed their setback regulations that any tree within 50 feet of a tower needs to be removed, branches must be trimmed within 25 feet of a pole or wire and all trees must be shorter than 15 feet.


The city had already removed seven shade trees from the Edison Trails Park at Garfield Avenue and Keller Street. The residents are concerned that the children who use the park will not have enough shade from the hot sunshine.

Edison stated that no more trees would be removed from this park.

The residents angered by Edison’s order to remove trees from this park sent in letters and petitions of protest. They asked Edison to reconsider their new setback regulations and save as many trees in their park as possible.

City Manager Paul Talbot advised the residents that Edison is willing to work with the community because of our letter writing campaign to save our Edison Trails Park.

He advised the residents on April 7 that Edison representatives met with the city on Friday, April 4 and walked the trails with them to show them why some of the trees that are growing too close to the towers, poles and power lines must be trimmed or removed for the safety of their employees and the residents.

City Manager Talbot, Assistance City Manager Ron Bow, Edison representatives Robert Quintero and Marissa Castro-Salvati joined with several residents on a walking tour of the trails.




Residents enjoyed a close up view of the many trees located in the park.

Edison representatives explained that they now have new setback guidelines that will reduce the number of trees to be removed from the park. They are only concerned with the trees too close to the towers, poles and wires or trees 50 feet tall that must be trimmed. The trees need to be pruned down to 25 feet from the wires and allow for one year’s growth.

The city will trim trees to Edison’s new guidelines. Any trees that may fall on the power lines must be trimmed or removed.

Edison is requiring that seven trees at the Keller – Wilson site must be removed because they are too close to the towers, poles or wires.  Any brittle brush near the wooden poles must be removed to prevent fire damage.

Mr. Bow stated the city needs directions from Edison since the city will be cutting and trimming the trees to meet their new guidelines.

The city plans to plant more mature trees to replace the one already removed, add more trees to the park and remove any plants with sharp thorns from the trail.

Edison has agreed to amend the guidelines and enter into an amended license agreement with the city.  Any amended changes will become a part of any future license agreements.

The residents were very upset that the city and Edison did not notify them of the tree removal issue before they cut down the trees in their park.

Edison Trails is a well-used park by the residents. We need to save the trees that are already living in our park.

Edison is concerned with the safety and liability of transmission lines and the power poles that distribute electricity.

Mr. Talbot said the city staff would consult with our arborists to check on the dormant trees. They will be trimming the trees or removing them to meet with the new setback guidelines that Edison has amended.  They will also be removing all of the dead trees and bushes. The city would be planting more trees and bushes in this park with funds from an $80,000 grant.

Edison and the city have license agreements for Edison Trails Park and La Loma Park since they are located under or near towers, poles and power lines. These license agreements are renewed every five years.

Edison Trails Park is a walk in the country that is located in the middle of the city of Monterey Park.

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