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Assemblymember Ed Chau Honors Leaders Who Make A Difference In Their Communities


Assemblymember Ed Chau honored Cathie Camacho, Martin Castro, Tuan Do, Mary Garcia, Alexis Salamanca, Anthony Tran and Scott Warmuth for their outstanding community role models with the 49th Assembly District 2013 “Make a Difference Day” Award ceremony held on September 20 in the San Gabriel Mission District at the Padilla Room.  Bob Bruesch, Juli Costanzo, Jason Pu, Jerry Velasco, Henry Lo, Michelle Frerridge, Sandy Rosco, Dave Lawton and Denise Menchaca surrounded the honorees.


San Gabriel Mayor Juli Costanzo welcomed everyone to this event honoring seven individuals who serve the residents. She introduced Ed Chau to the audience.


Assemblymember Ed Chau welcomed everyone to this special event. He is honored to acknowledge all for being here today. He introduced the seven awardees to the audience. Marcia Bullard, President and CEO of “USA Weekend” Magazine created this event in 1992; “Make a Difference Day” is celebrated each year nationwide. It is a day to recognize people dedicated to helping enhance their communities.


Ed Chau honored Cathie Camacho for her longtime service to the Garvey School District. She thanked Ed Chau and his staff. She is honored to serve the children and the community.


Ed Chau honored Martin Castro for his longtime service to the youth and senior citizens of the community. He thanked Ed Chau for supporting groups that provide services to the youth and adults of our community. We need to support the youth.


Ed Chau honored Tuan Do for his assistance with outreach programs for the State Controller and his service to the youth of the community. He thanked Ed Chau for his leadership and dedication to the community. He suggested that people get involved in their community.


Ed Chau honored Mary Garcia for her volunteerism in the community. She thanked Ed Chau, his staff and the members of the City of San Gabriel for this honor. She has been volunteering since her retirement. Volunteers give their time and money to help people.


Ed Chau honored Alexis Salamanca for being an advocate for businesses in the San Gabriel Valley and his dedication to his church and service clubs.  He thanked Ed Chau and his staff. You are making a difference tonight. He thanked his family, friends and the chamber. He is able to help everyone and feels special tonight.


Ed Chau honored Anthony Tran for his military service to our country and promoting the advantages of the Navy’s education programs in the community. He thanked Ed Chau for his support. He is accepting this award on behalf of all of the volunteers.


Ed Chau honored Scott Warmuth for his passion to fight for what is right in the last 30 years as an attorney and his volunteerism is the community. He thanked Ed Chau for this great honor and being included with other great community leaders. He accepter this award for who could not be here today speaking of his parents and teachers. He accepted this honor for the kids. We need to pass on our values to them.

Ed Chau thanked the volunteers who take time away from their families. It is a sacrifice. Volunteers make a difference.


San Gabriel Mayor Juli Costanzo and Councilmember Jason Pu honored Mary Garcia for her many years of service to their city.

Ed Chau closed the event by thanking his staff for hosting this special event.

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