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Monterey Park’s New Council


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Retiring City Clerk Dave Barron administrated the oath of office to newly elected Councilmembers Hans Liang and Peter Chan, newly elected City Clerk Vince Chang and re-elected City Treasurer Joseph Leon on March 19.

Mr. Barron stated his last official act was to present the final election results to be validated by the Council and swear in the newly elected officials. This election had an 18.7% voter turnout.

The Council voted to accept the election results and the newly elected officials.

Albert Hung led the invocation. He asked God to guide our leaders in their duties and bless Monterey Park.


Becky Chang and Tommy Tseng representing Congressmember Judy Chu presented proclamations and words of support to Hans Liang, Peter Chan, Vince Chang and Joseph Leon.


Daisy Ma and Henry Lo representing Assemblymember Ed Chau and former Assemblymember Mike Eng presented proclamations and words of support to Hans Liang, Peter Chan, Vince Chang and Joseph Leon.

City Manager Paul Talbot introduced the VIPs that included Francisco Alonso, Thomas Wong, Bob Gin, Steven Sham, Polly Low and Chris Ho.


Hans Liang and Peter Chan were seated at the dais.

Mayor Mitch Ing welcomed everyone to the special event. He said on April 10 they Council would rotate the mayor ship to Vice Mayor Teresa Real Sebastian.  Each Councilmember serves as mayor for nine 1/2 months in their four year term.

Hans Liang said that it has been a two-year journey to get here. He thanked this parents, brother, sister-in-law, his wife, Lani, all the community leaders and elected officials for all of their help and support. He thanked the people here tonight. He is looking forward to working with the Council, City Manager, City Clerk, City Attorney and the residents. He is honored to be elected.

Peter Chan said thank you for electing me and for your support. He thanked all of his supporters. He promised to extend his friendship to all. He has an open door policy. He introduced his family and his wife, Jenny. He will work with everyone to move the city forward.

Vince Chang thanked his supporters and elected officials. He would like a better voter turnout in the future. He has never been an elected official before. He introduced his mother and family members. He thanked David Barron, David Lau and Cici Lau for their support. He is looking forward to serving the city.

Joseph Leon thanked all of the residents and elected officials for their support. He thanked Mitch Ing and Teresa Real Sebastian for their support. He thanked his wife, Rolanda, his daughters, and his mother-in-law for their love and support. He thanked the parents from the schools for their support. Being elected is great. The residents are the greatest people. They make Monterey Park a great city. He congratulated Hans Liang, Peter Chan and Vince Chang. He is happy to work together for our city.

Councilmember Anthony Wong thanked the residents for participating in this election. He is looking forward to working together for Monterey Park in peace and with respect. Council needs to work as a team. He congratulated the newly elected officials.

Vice Mayor Teresa Real Sebastian thanked the residents for voting in this election and for attending this ceremony. As Americans we have a right to vote without harassment. She suggested the new Councilmembers speak with all of the departments’ heads. We need to put Monterey Park is a good position with the changing economy. She reminded the new City Clerk that the meetings start at 7 PM. She is very happy that Joseph Leon was re-elected as he safeguards our funds. She reminded the residents that she has an open door policy.

Mayor Mitch Ing congratulated Peter Chan and Hans Liang. He is looking forward working with them to get the city moving.  He congratulated Vince Chang and Joseph Leon. He praised Mr. Leon as an honorable and honest person. Our service is to the community. We need a balance between our private and public life. He thanked the residents for their participation.


Vince Chang with fellow Ecuadorians celebrated his election.  Mr. Chang was born is Ecuador and Spanish is his first language.  Dave Barron joked that Vince Chang will be the Spanish translator at the Clerks’ Office.

Mauricio D. Ortiz and his group provided the entertainment at the reception following the ceremony. They played folk music and danced for the guests.

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