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Retired From Public Office


Monterey Park Mayor Mitch Ing, Vice Mayor Teresa Real Sebastian, Councilmember Anthony Wong and City Treasurer Joseph Leon presented retiring Councilmember David Lau and retiring City Clerk Dave Barron with proclamations and praise for their years of service to the community on March 6.

David Lau served the community with 12 years on the City Council and 8 1/2 years on the Garvey School Board.

Dave Barron served the community with 25 years as City Clerk.

The event was held at the beginning of the Council Meeting.


Lillianna Gomez sang our National Anthem.  Her beautiful voice filled the chambers. Ms. Gomez is the granddaughter of Dave Barron.


Cici Lau sang God Bless America, which is a beautiful and peaceful tribute to our county. Mrs. Lau is the wife of David Lau.

Mayor Ing thanked the women for the beautiful songs.

City Manager Paul Talbot introduced former Mayors Lily Lee Chen and Betty Tom Chu in the audience and the guests who were making presentations to Mr. Lau and Mr. Barron.


Delariou Robinson and Peter Chan from the city’s Democratic Clubs honored David Lau and Dave Barron.


Vickie Le and Jim Iwaki from the Historical Society honored David Lau and Dave Barron for their many years of service to the community.


Library Director Norma Avizu, Boardmembers Phil Smith, Joan Merino and Peter Chan presented David Lau and Dave Barron with gifts of appreciation for their dedication to the Monterey Park Bruggemeyer Library.


Fire Chief Jim Birrell and Police Chief Jim Smith honored David Lau and Dave Barron on behalf of their staff and themselves for their many years of service to our city.

David Lau and Dave Barron received proclamations and praise from State Senator Ed Hernandez, Assemblymember Ed Chau, The People’s Republic of China, City of Cerritos, City of Glendora, Alhambra School Board, Garvey School Board, Montebello Unified School Board, Monterey Park Chamber, City of Rosemead, Monterey Park Lions Club, MERCI, LAMP Optimist Club, San Gabriel Water District and City of Alhambra.


David Lau, a 12-year member of the City Council, who served 8 1/2 years on the Garvey School Board retired from public service. He and his wife, Cici have called Monterey Park home for the last 33 years. He thanked Dave Barron for his years of service to the community. Service to the community is part of David Lau’s life. He served on many commissions and committees. He helped to promote Atlantic Times Square, the Towne Centre and the Market Place. He balanced the budget for the last 12 years.  He supports the library and education. He raised funds for the library, Barnes Park amphitheatre and over $100,000 for student scholarships. He also worked on the expansion of Langley Center and helped improve the downtown area. He promoted four friendship cities in China. Our public safety employees help keep our city safe. Monterey Park is the best city to raise your families. He thanked the employees for supporting the city. He thanked the Councilmembers and staff for their support. He thanked his wife, Cici for her love and support and his family. He thanked the residents for the opportunity to be a Councilmember and mayor for the last 12 years. The memories we share and dreams that come to life. You are special to me. He asked God to Bless Monterey Park, America and everyone.


Dave Barron, who served as City Clerk for 25 years retired from public service. He thanked his family for their support for the last 25 years. He thanked David Lau for his years of service to the community. He started as a coach and became involved in the community. We have a great sports program in Monterey Park. He related the history of the city as he saw a number of city managers, councilmembers, police chiefs, fire chiefs and department heads pass through City Hall. Our employees are dedicated and hard working people. They deserve your respect. He introduced his staff: Cindy Trang, Helena Chu, Michelle Chen and Diana Wong. He thanked them for their service. He is proud of our multi-language elections, our city website and our record management program. He promoted good customer service attitude. The city clerk accommodates the residents. He thanked everyone for allowing him to serve as the city clerk. He introduced his wife, four children and 10 grandchildren. He thanked them for their love and support.


Dave Barron received flowers and best wishes from Cindy Trang, Helena Chu, Michelle Chen and Diana Wong

Mayor Ing thanked David Lau and Dave Barron for their service.

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