Electronically Serving Monterey Park, Alhambra, San Gabriel, & Rosemead

25th Anniversary


Frank J. Arcuri founded this newspaper in May 1986. He called the newspaper “The Monterey Park Voice” in response to some City Councilmembers who would not listen to the residents’ request to have English added to the Chinese language business signs.

Mr. Arcuri campaigned for all the residents who felt displaced by foreign owned businesses who did not welcome us into their restaurants and stores.

Many American businesses were forced out of town by higher rents. The city has yet to regain the lost sales tax base.  We are still trying to entice more major businesses to our hometown.

He worked with State Senator S. I. Hayakawa to make English the official language of California.  California residents overwhelming voted for it.  However the Courts have not allowed it to be properly enforced.

Many cities have required the business signs to be bi-lingual so emergency services could respond to anyone’s 911 calls.

He worked with several developers to provide the city with projects, which would have provided additional income, but many Councilmembers and residents did not want these projects.  So now Monterey Park faces financial difficulties that could have been prevented.

Mr. Arcuri later changed the name of the newspaper to “The Citizen’s Voice” as residents of Alhambra, Rosemead and San Gabriel requested his assistance to help them solve problems in their hometowns.

The newspaper began as a one-page issue and later evolved to a 16-page newspaper. Currently the newspaper is an inter-net newspaper so many of our readers around the country can enjoy our articles.

We thank our readership for their 25 years of support.

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