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9/11 Remembered


Monterey Park Police Explorers presented the colors during Patriot Day 2010 at City



Members of the Monterey Park Fire and Police Departments laid a memorial wreath in front of the War Memorial.

Mayor Anthony Wong welcomed all to our observance of Patriot Day in the city. He was glad to see all the residents here today. He welcomed the members of the Fire and Police Departments. He led the crowd in the Pledge of Allegiance.  The group stood at attention for our National Anthem.

American Legion Chaplain Tom McCrady led the invocation. He asked our “Heavenly Father to protect our men and women who even now serve the United States as once again we find ourselves at war. Unlike this nation’s prior wars, we also now face combatants who may sneak into our cities, wear no uniform, and kill helpless victims. Bless the people of Monterey Park, and help us to work together and make it a better home for all people of all religions.”

Mayor Wong introduced the elected officials and thanked everyone for joining with us to remember all those who lost their lives on 9/11. These heroes put their lives on the line for us to enjoy democracy, peace and human rights for all. The goal is to enjoy our lives peacefully. The 9/11 tragedies hurt the American people terribly. It hurt our peaceful world. We must respect each other and freedom daily. We must share our lives together.

Mayor Pro Tem Betty Tom Chu thanked all for coming to this event. She appreciated our attention to remembering 9/11, the survivors and the victims. They remember the falling towers and the horrors of the event. The survivors and the rescue workers remember. The loss of the towers of strength. They remember. We all remember the horrors of the events. We remember the scenes of the fight with terrorism. We should be thankful for the firefighters and police officers who ran into the buildings to help. Remember the military members. Don’t forget the sacrifices of these people and their families. Remember the freedom and rights that God had given you. May God give us the inspiration to protect these freedoms and rights. She asked for prayers for the police officers, firefighters and military members. She asked that we remember those families in our prayers. Remember to stand together in honor and unity. She asked God’s blessing on all.

Councilmember David Lau was out of town. He sent his regards to all.

Councilmember Frank Venti spoke out against political correctness. Would we have bombed Japan after the attack on Pearl Harbor and the war today? Would we have fought Nazi Germany to save the people in the concentration camps today?  As Americans think about it. He was one of the Councilmembers who visited Ground Zero at his own expense. The residents donated money to the families of the victims. Patriotism flourished after 9/11. We did the right thing for the protection of our country. Now this is a religious war, the most dangerous kind. Think about the people in the Twin Towers, they were not military members. Think about the people on Flight 93 who crashed the plane in Pennsylvania. Think about the people at the Pentagon, they were at work. He is mad; we help other countries, yet we are attacked. We are a great country. The terrorists will kill you because you are an American. We need to stand strong. Never forget 9/11. He asked God’s blessing on all.

Councilmember Mitch Ing said that 911 is the number we dial for emergencies. 19 terrorists hijacked four planes. Two planes hit the Twin Towers. One plane hit the Pentagon. One plane was crashed into a field in Pennsylvania. 2,996 people died. Many citizens from many countries were killed that day. We need to remember all the police and firefighters who traveled to help in the rescue. Don’t forget the rescue and recovery workers who now have health problems. He spoke about the city’s elected officials and employees who traveled to Ground Zero at their own expense to support the victims and their families.  The terrorists want to destroy our life and liberty. Americans will unite. He asked God’s blessings on America and all.

City Clerk Dave Barron thanked everyone for being here. Terrorists can’t stop our American way of life. You can hurt us and get us angry but you can’t stop us. Remember the American troops that are still in war torn countries. He thanked all for coming.

City Treasurer Joseph Leon said the 9/11 tragedy made us strong. Remember we can’t take our freedom for granted.


A moment of silence was held before a member of the Monterey Park Fire Department rang the bell in honor of the victims of 9/11.

Mayor Wong thanked all the speakers, members of the American Legion Post, firefighters, police officers and city staff for their participation in this event.  He asked God’s blessing on America and all.

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