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Monterey Park Police Chief Jim Smith Retires After 39 Years of Service


Retired Sheriff Jim McDonnell joined with Assemblymember Ed Chau in celebrating Jim Smith’s retirement party held at Luminarias Restaurant in Monterey Park on February 27th.



Members of the Monterey Park Police Explorers presented our Colors and led the Flag Salute.


Former City Manager Paul Talbot was the Master of Ceremonies.  He thanked the Police Explorers for their presentation of our Colors. He introduced several guests that included Assemblymember Ed Chau, former Mayor Mike Eng, former Mayor Anthony Wong, Mayor Hans Liang, Councilmember Peter Chan, City Treasurer Joseph Leon, City Manager Ron Bow, City Attorney Karl Berger, Department Heads: Mark McAvoy, Inez Alvarez, Deputy City Clerk Cindy Tran, Interim Fire Chief Matt Hallock and Interim Police Chief Kelly Gordon to the audience.

He also introduced Alhambra School Boardmembers: Bob Gin, Jane Anderson, Patricia Rodriguez-Mackintosh, and Superintendent Laura Tellez-Gagliano, retired City Clerk Theresa Amador, retired Police Chief Jones Moy and retired Police Chief Jon Elder and retired Sheriff Jim McDonnell to the audience. He also gave a callout to members of the Asian Youth Center.

Mr. Talbot said the room was filled with current and retired Police Officers as well as current and retired Police Chiefs all here to honor Jim Smith.


Jim Smith received an award from Mirian Brown from the Department of Mental Health. She thanked Jim for always being available to help them.


Paul Talbot said tonight is a very important night for Monterey Park and Jim Smith. He was glad to see all of the people here tonight to honor Jim Smith for his 39 years of service to our city. He said to enjoy your dinner and enjoy the music from DJ Orlando Muro.


DJ Orlando Muro played several songs during the dinner hour. He can be reached at 626-488-5874 or Orlando@avmentertainment.com to provide entertainment for your special events.


Paul Talbot gave an employment history of Jim Smith. He was a member of the Monterey Park Police Department from 1980 when he became a Police Explorer. In 1983 he joined the Police Reserves. He became a Police Officer in 1992. He was an Agent in 1995 and in 1997 he became a Sergeant. In 2002 he became a Lieutenant and in 2008 he became a Captain. In 2009 was named the Interim Chief and in 2011 he became the Police Chief of Monterey Park.

Jim Smith is a local guy. He graduated from Mark Keppel High School. He attended Mt. San Antonio College, Cal State LA and University of La Verne. He also attended the FBI Academy. He also joined several Police Officers Associations over the years.

Jim continued to attend many informative meetings and worked with all of the law enforcement agencies.

Jim made him look good when he was the City Manager. In fact Jim told him the Marriott was looking to locate a hotel in town in in 2013. He worked with the company and the Courtland by Marriott that is expected to be opened in the summer of 2020. The hotel will be paying a 12% bed tax that should bring in much needed taxes to Monterey Park.

Jim always told stories about his son Cordell over the years. Jim is a very proud father and a good family man. After his daughter Riley was born all he talked about his little Princess.

Paul Talbot thanked for his many years of service to Monterey Park.


Donuts and other delicious desserts for the guests to enjoy surrounded a very special retirement cake for Jim Smith.


Assemblymember Ed Chau had to leave early so Abigail from his officer presented Jim Smith with an award from the State Assembly in honor of his service to Monterey Park.


State Senator Susan Rubio was not able to attend so she had Carla from her office presented Jim Smith with an award from the State Senate in honor of his service to Monterey Park.


Pastor Mimi Ko from Shepherd of the Hills Methodist Church thanked Jim Smith for his many years of supporting their church that is located behind the Monterey Park Bruggemeyer Library. She invited him back to visit with them.


Former Mayor Mike Eng said he was representing his wife, Congressmember Judy Chu with a Congressional Proclamation in honor of Jim Smith’s many years of service to Monterey Park. They consider Jim a family friend.


MPD Police Chief John Incontro, a member of the Los Angeles County Police Chief’s Association told several stories about his long time friend Jim Smith. He presented Jim Smith with an award from their association in honor of his many years of service to Monterey Park.


Roger Handley from the California Police Chiefs Association presented his friend Jim Smith with an award in honor of his many years of service to the city of Monterey Park.


Mayor Hans Liang and Councilmember Peter Chan each thanked Jim Smith for his many years of service to our hometown.

Hans said he first met Jim Smith at the Asian Youth Center helping to keep young people out of gangs. Family is very import to all of us. Thank you for your 40 years of service to Monterey Park. I am happy to see you retire to enjoy your family life. It has been an honor to call you my friend.

Peter recalled that he met Jim Smith more then 30 years ago. Monterey Park had issues in the community and he worked with the Police Department to solve the problems. Peter joked that he will still be seeing Jim, as his in-laws are Peter’s neighbors.

They presented Jim Smith with a proclamation and an award from the City Council in honor of his 40 years of service to our hometown.


Interim Police Chief Kelly Gordon thanked Jim Smith for mentoring her and supporting her classes at the FBI Academy. She presented Jim Smith with a plaque of appreciation from the Men and Women of the Monterey Park Police Department in honor of his long time service to them and our city.


Bob Gin from the Alhambra School Board presented Jim Smith with a proclamation for working with them to keep their schools safe.


City Manager Ron Bow said family is important to all of us. The police chief’s job is a 365-day/24/7 job. We thank Jim very much for his service. He has missed many birthdays, holidays, and other special family events over the years. Now Jim is retired to enjoy his wife with his family. We will miss Jim Smith at City Hall.


Cordell and Riley joined their father, Jim Smith on stage. Cordell thanked the city for his dad being a police officer. He always remembered over the years of spending time with him. His dad was his dad and not the Police Chief. His worked hard to become a Police Chief. He always believed in his dad. You did the best job. He thanked his dad for all of the time you spend with us. Riley is too young to remember that you were the Police Chief. He thanked their dad for all of the hugs and good times


Jim Smith thanked everyone for being here tonight. He thanked Lisa for planning the party. He thanked his secretary Bea Velazquey for her many years of service to the department. He thanked the folks of Luminarias Restaurant for hosting the party.

God has truly blessed him with true friends and family. He thanked Lisa, Cordell, Chelsea, Marla, Karden, Logan and Riley. He thanked his parents for allowing him to follow his dream to be a police officer. 39 hears ago he joined the Monterey Park Police Explorers. He thanked the city staff. He thanked all of the department heads. He thanked the FBI Academy for letting him be a student. He thanked all of the Los Angeles County Police Chiefs. He thanked Jim McDonnell for his service. Please vote for Jackie Lacey, as she is great at her job. He thanked all the past and current City Councils. He thanked his staff at the Police Department for making him look good. He thanked everyone for supporting him in the best job of his life. He is blessed with good cops. He thanked Kelly Gordon for accepting the Interim Police Chief’s job. It has been an honor working with all of you.

Jim Smith thanked Jones Moy for his support and friendship. He thanked Ron Bow, Paul Talbot and Chris Jeffers. Being a City Manager and Police Chief are tough jobs. He thanked them for helping Monterey Park become a financial success.

He thanked Paul and Regina Talbot for their friendship.

Friendship is from people who are there for you.  He thanked his special friends. He thanked his family for their love and support.

His parents didn’t want him to be a police officer but they let him become one. He thanked his family for letting him follow his dream.  His dad died in 2003 and he missing him every day. He thanked his sister Sherry and his cousins Rob and Rhonda for a wonderful childhood.

He thanked Lisa and her family for accepting him into their family. I love you all. You kids are the future generation. He thanked everyone for being here tonight.


People signed Jim’s retirement poster during the event to honor his 39 years of service to Monterey Park.

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