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Holiday Snow Village


On December 6th members of the Schurr High School Band played several Christmas Carols to the delight of the residents who attended Monterey Park’s 7th Annual holiday event.

The students were dressed up in Holiday garb as they entertained their family members and friends.


Inez Alvarez, Recreation and Community Services Director, welcomed every one to our annual Holiday Snow Village in Barnes Park. She thanked the members of the Schurr High School Band for their wonderful performance.

She introduced Mayor Pro Tem Mitch Ing, Councilmember Teresa Real Sebastian and Carla Boggs from Senator Susan Rubio’s office to the audience. She thanked the very generous donors from Monterey Park Market Place Shopping Center, West Coast Arborist and Southern California Edison.


Mayor Pro Tem Mitch Ing welcomed all of the guests to Monterey Park’s Annual Snow Village. He gave credit to Councilmember Teresa Real Sebastian for promoting this wonderful Holiday gift. He wished everyone Happy Holidays!


Councilmember Teresa Real Sebastian thanked everyone for attending this special event. She wished the guests Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Enjoy the snow and have fun!


Carla Boggs said she was very happy to join in this celebration of the Holiday Season!

Suddenly the lights went out on stage. Everyone was asked to flash their cell phone lights and call out for Santa.



Santa Claus arrived in a colorful sled driven by members of the Monterey Fire Department. The crowd went wild with joy, as the party had just started. He asked if you have been good. He thanked the children of all ages for joining with him tonight.


Santa Claus joined with Mayor Pro Tem Mitch Ing, Councilmember Teresa Real Sebastian and Carla Boggs for a group picture to celebrate the evening.





Children of all ages braved the cold snow as they raced down the hillside on one of two sled runs.  They each had two turns to ride on the sleds.  They could also return to the very long line to wait for another chance to take another sled ride.





Children and their parents played in the snow area. They loved to make snowballs and toss them at each other. The line for this play area was also long so each group left the area so the next group could enjoy the snow.

20 tons of snow was delivered to the park for everyone to enjoy the start of the Christmas Holiday Season.

The 20 Christmas trees that decorated the stage were raffled off during the performances.


Barnes Park Tiny Tots sang and danced to Christmas Carols. They enjoyed being on stage. Their family members sang along with them.



Santa Claus had many friends join with him at the party. They shared their Christmas wishes with him and received a candy cane filled with Skittles.


The Grinch had many friends join with him for family pictures.


Students from Rice Elementary School sang several Christmas Carols to the delight of the audience. They enjoyed the celebration.


Students from Garvey Intermediate School sang several Christmas Carols to the enjoyment of the audience. They enjoyed the party.


Councilmember Teresa Real Sebastian and Armen Sebastian enjoying the party.





Members of the Mark Keppel Aztec Chorus sang Christmas Carols. Three students had solo performances. They enjoyed this special event.


Memo Chavez thanked all of the 2,500 or more guests for joining us at Barnes Park.

Winners of the 20 trees were busy carrying them to their cars and trucks for a ride home.

Monterey Park’s Snow Village is the beginning of the Christmas Holiday Season in our hometown.

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