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Monterey Park’s 4th of July Celebration


Congressmember Adam Schiff, Mayor Anthony Wong, Councilmembers David Lau, Frank Venti and Mitch Ing and City Clerk Dave Barron welcomed Monterey Park’s new U S citizens: Fred Gutierrez Dang La Cruz; Connelia Ruiz Dang La Cruz; Charisse Ruiz Dang La Cruz; Li Liu; Guo Guang Zhuo; Mei Yun Dong; Jia Kang Wang; Yan Jiang; Yang Li; Jin Long Yu; Xia Fang Zhu; Chu Nai Liang; Beatrice Lopez; Lian Zhong Lu; Tin Kyi; Ger Ger Feng; Yi-Nien Son; Chin Ghing Tang; Chun Chi Wu and Ming Gin Wu to the celebration held at Barnes Park.

Harry Panagiotes, Director of Recreation and Parks was the Master of Ceremonies. He introduced all the guests, games and entertainment to the audience.

The food booths offered a variety of American, Chinese and Mexican foods for all to enjoy.


Monterey Park’s Family Affair entertained the crowd with golden oldies from the 1950s and 60s. The air was filled with wonderful music as families staked out their spots for the event.


Alondra was the lucky winner of the bike raffle sponsored by the LAMP Optimist Club.  They sponsored a mini parade with children on bikes and mothers pushing strollers all waving flags in the spirit of the day.

Mayor Anthony Wong greeted the crowd with Happy Birthday America! It is the greatest country in the world. We share our knowledge and experiences of the cultures. We must fulfill the visions of our forefathers. We must love our city and each other so we can enjoy peace together. He asked God’s blessings on American and the residents.

David Lau welcomed all to Monterey Park. Happy July 4th! We celebrate the fourth in a grand manor. We have the best fireworks display in the area.  It is a great day. Always remember our forefathers and the young men and women fighting against terrorists. They sacrifice their lives for our futures and us. He thanked all the veterans for their sacrifices for us. We have to work together for the betterment of the greatest country in the world. He asked God’s blessing on American and all the residents.

Congressman Adam Schiff said it always is a pleasure to come to Monterey Park to recognize the military. He just returned from a trip to visit them in the Middle East. He called the military extraordinary. We can never repay our debt to them. It is wonderful to live in a free country. He asked God to bless everyone.


Frank Venti asked Miss Monterey Park Liwen Tsai and Princess Jasmine Sunda to lead the crowd in the Pledge of Allegiance

Mr. Venti asked the residents to remember, “all gave some and some gave all” today. Freedom does not come free. Young men and women are giving their lives for all of us. Freedom is not free. The price is fighting many wars for freedom. Today we welcome our veterans and our new citizens. He asked God’s blessing on America and all.

Mitch Ing welcomed all to Barnes Park to celebrate. On July 4, 1776 our forefathers declared independence. 234 years later we are celebrating our birthday. He asked God’s blessing on America and the residents.

Dave Barron thanked all for coming out today. Have a great time! He saluted all the members of the Recreation and Parks Department, the volunteers and the committee for today’s celebration.  Take care and have a safe 4th.

Miss Monterey Park Liwen Tsai welcomed all to this event. She asked that everyone please come back to eat and shop in our city.


Congressmember Schiff and the Council recognized Robert Ruiz, U S Marines with his family; Simon Chan, U S Army and Huiz Heng, U S Army for their service to our country.


Frank Venti sponsored “America, We Love You” Poster Contest. Anissa Cortez, Amber Avila and April Cortez were winners.  All three young ladies attend El Repetto School. They displayed their winning posters and received cash prizes from Mr. Venti.


The Rudy Macias Band played Classic Rock and Roll to the delight of the residents. Many danced to their favorite tunes as they revisited their teen years.

Entertainment included several games and contests that kept the young ones busy.

Many people displayed artwork painted on their faces. Little kids  wore puppies or kitty cats faces.

The good old swings and slides were occupied for most of the event, as young children remain faithful to the playground toys.

Members of the Golden Stars demonstrated their Sky Diving skills.

The birthday party ended with a spectacular fireworks display that colorfully exploded in the night skies.

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