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Lunar New Year Celebration


Monterey Park City Clerk Vince Chang, Mayor Peter Chan, Mayor Pro Tem Hans Liang and Councilmember Mitch Ing welcomed the residents and guests to Monterey Park’s Annual Lunar Celebration held on Garvey Avenue on January 26th and 27th.


Johnny Thompson from the Business Improvement District Advisory Committee welcomed the elected officials, residents and guests to our two-day celebration of the Lunar New Year presented by the World Journal, BIDAC and the city.


Mayor Peter Chan welcomed everyone to this special event. He introduced the Lion Dancers. Let the party begin!





The Lion Dancers danced to the beat of the drums and presented their best holiday wishes.


The youngest dancer is nine years old. He enjoyed this special party.


Sherrien Shul sang our National Anthem to the delight of the crowd.  They clapped their appreciation at the end of the song.


Mayor Pro Tem Hans Liang led our Pledge of Allegiance at the beginning of the celebration.


Mayor Chan welcomed everyone to the city of Monterey Park to celebrate the “Year of the Pig”. Over 200,000 people are expected to attend this year’s event. He thanked the World Journal, BIDAC and staff for this special party. He said the people born in the “Year of the Pig” think logically and are able to fix whatever problem they’re in. They aren’t good communicators, but they’re kind and able to provide for the family. Most of them are wealthy. Their only obvious fault is that they lose their temper easily.” This is a good year!


James Guo said this is the 8th year that the World Journal has partnered with BIDAC and Monterey Park to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

He thanked the City Council, city staff, BIDAC and the sponsors for this celebration. We made history by introducing the Asian culture into our American community. They are helping us to enjoy all the cultures.  Thank you for your support. Good luck, health and wealth! Enjoy the party!


Senator Ling Ling Chang thanked the World Journal and Monterey Park for this special event to honor the Asian American community and presented proclamations to them. Happy New Year!




Assemblymember Ed Chau thanked Monterey Park, BIDAC, the World Journal and the sponsors for this Chinese New Year’s celebration. He said that 300 or more venders are attending so enjoy the cultural exchange. He presented proclamation to thank them. Happy New Year!


Mayor Pro Tem Liang welcomed the residents and guests to Monterey Park. This is an exciting time over the New Year. He thanked the World Journal and BIDAC for this event. It is a good opportunity for everyone to get together. He thanked the staff and vendors for the success of this event.


Councilmember Mitch Ing welcomed everyone to Monterey Park. He spoke about the 5,000 years of Chinese history. He reminded everyone the Chinese Zodiac has 12 animals and this is the “Year of the Pig”. If people know your animal sign they can add up 12, 12 and more 12s to figure out your true age. He said that we have 52 food vendors so enjoy the celebration.


Councilmember Teresa Real Sebastian welcomed the residents and guests to Monterey Park. She thanked City Manager Ron Bow and his staff for this special event. Happy New Year!


City Manager Ron Bow thanked everyone for attending Monterey Park’s celebration.


Councilmember Stephen Lam thanked the city staff and BIDAC for this event. He wished all of Monterey Park a Happy New Year!



Congressmember Judy Chu said she is happy to be here to enjoy the 8th year celebration with the World Journal and BIDAC. This celebration has grown over the years. It is the largest outdoor celebration in Southern California.  She thanked the city. It is a fantastic year! It is a great diversity in our great nation. She congratulated BIDAC, Monterey Park and the World Journal with proclamations. Happy New Year!


City Clerk Chang wished everyone a Happy New Year! He thanked the crowd for coming to celebrate the “Year of the Pig”. Happy 2019!

Mayor Chan announced the City Treasurer Joseph Leon was not able to attend as he had a family event today.


Rosemead Councilmember Sandra Armenta attended. She represented Senator Susan Rubio. She is happy to be here to celebrate the love and traditions of our families. She presented proclamations to the Council, the World Journal and BIDAC.

Happy New Year!


Mickey Mouse and his friend Justin welcome the visitors to this special event. Mickey is celebration his 90th Birthday this year. Visitors to Disneyland can visit with the Three Little Pigs since this is their special year. They wished everyone a Happy New Year!


The Grand Opening had all of the elected officials, members of BIDAC and James Guo, President of the World Journal cutting the red ribbon.


The United State Post Office displayed the “Year of the Pig” stamp now available for sale. “Bright pink peach blossoms highlight the 2019 Year of the Boar stamp from the U.S. Postal Service®, the 12th and final stamp in the Celebrating Lunar New Year series. The Year of the Boar begins February 5, 2019, and ends on January 24, 2020”.






The celebration included Holiday Greetings, gifts, flowers, information booths, music, books, clothes, carnival rides, games and more.

Live entertainment featured singers and dancers from many local groups that included the Chinese and Spanish cultures.


A clown created balloon gifts that included hats, swords, animals and Disney characters. The young visitor displayed her Snow White balloon with her proud parents.

The “Year of the Pig” promises to be a very good year for all!

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