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Holiday Snow Village





Monterey Park residents and their guests enjoyed an evening of fun playing in 20 tons of snow in Barnes Park on December 7th. They played in the snow and took turns sledding down the hill.



Members of the Shurr High School Band played old Christmas favorites with their decorated instruments and in their festive clothes.


Inez Alvarez, the Recreation and Community Services Director welcomed 1,000 or so guests to our 6th Annual Snow Village. She asked the children of all ages to welcome Santa Claus to the party.


Santa Claus arrived on a decorated red sleigh to the delight of the crowd.


Mayor Peter Chan, Councilmember Mitch Ing, Councilmember Teresa Real Sebastian and City Clerk Vince Chang welcome Santa Claus and the Grinch to the celebration.

Mayor Chan wished every one Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! He thanked Santa Claus and the Grinch. He suggested the guests come back again next year to celebrate the holidays with all of us.

Councilmember Ing wished the guests Happy Holidays! Welcome to Santa’s Village! He thanked them for coming to this snow event. Please spend this time of year with friends and family. It is colder in Canada where he had lived. He is thankful for the California weather. Enjoy!

Councilmember Real Sebastian welcomed the audience to the party to celebrate the 6th Annual Snow Village with friends and family. Don’t forget to buy raffle tickets to win one of the 20 Christmas trees. She wished every one a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Blessed New Year! Enjoy the20 tons of snow!

City Clerk Chang welcomed the crowd to Monterey Park. He thanked Santa and the Grinch for their visit. He wished everyone Happy Holidays!


Ms. Alvarez thanked the City Council and the sponsors for their support of this city even.



Santa Claus met with hundreds of his friends and posed for family pictures.



The Grinch welcome hundreds of his fans and posed for pictures with them when he was not trying to steal gifts from the stage.


Montebello Councilmember Vivian Romero visited the Snow Village and told the guests that her city is our neighbor.  She thanked Councilmember Teresa Real Sebastian for inviting all of the neighbors to play in the snow.


David Holland and members of his music class from All Souls Catholic School sang many of old time Christmas favorites dress up for the occasion. This was their first time performing at the Snow Village.


Members of the Garfield High School Mariachi Band play and sang several Christmas classics in Spanish. The audience enjoyed this special treat.


Santa’s helpers: Terry, Teresa and Julia posed for pictures dressed for up for Christmas.



Members of the Mark Keppel High School Aztecs Music Program sang several Christmas songs and performed a dance scene from one of their stage shows.


The event ended with 20 lucky winners claiming the Christmas trees that had decorated the stage.

The Snow Village was the beginning of the Christmas Season in Monterey Park.

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