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San Gabriel Mission Fiesta


Queen Idhalia De Luna and her escort, Dennis Marciuska, rang the Mission Bells welcoming the residents to the 247th fiesta held on the grounds Labor Day weekend (August 31st, September 1st and September 2nd).



The Royal Court: Princess Jennifer Del Rio, Queen Idhalia De Luna and Princess Danielle Morales and their escorts: David Pardron, Dennis Marciuska and Antonio Robles joined in the precession and were part of the celebration.




Father John Molyneux, the Pastor, welcomed everyone to this special event. He thanked everyone for making this fiesta possible. He introduced his brother priests: Father John Curran, Father Ray Smith, Father Alex Gaitan and Father Darrin Merlino.

He thanked the Knights of Columbus, Boy Scouts from Troup 261, Nuns from the Parish, the Royal Court, the San Gabriel City Council, the staff and volunteers.

He thanked all for being here. Are you ready to party? This event will build the community. You can learn about other cultures. Enjoy the food!

Community members offered prayers to God in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Filipino and Chinese.

Terri Huerta introduced Mayor John Harrington, Vice Mayor Jason Pu, Councilmember Juli Costanzo, Councilmember Chin Ho Liao and Councilmember Denise Menchaca to the audience.

They presented a proclamation to the Mission in honor of their 247th Anniversary.

Councilmember Denise Menchaca presented a proclamation to Xavier Vargas from Supervisor Kathryn Barger.

Councilmember Juli Costanzo presented a proclamation to Algis Marciuska from Supervisor Kathryn Barger.

The priests blessed the water and they sprinkled the people and fiesta grounds at the beginning of the celebration.


The Royal Court: Princess Jennifer Del Rio, Queen Idhalia De Luna and Princess Danielle Morales and their escorts: Dennis Marciuska and Antonio Robles joined in the Kids and Pets Contest.


Yvette, Monica and Diane Araujo welcome everyone to the Kids and Pets Costume Contest.


Miss Fitness Cynthia Flores joined the event. She was scheduled to be a judge of the contests.


Yvette Araujo was the Mistress of Ceremonies. She welcomed all of the kids and pets to this annual contest. She introduced the judges to the audience.


The judges were: Princess Jennifer Del Rio, Father Alex Gaitan, Queen Idhalia De Luna, Cynthia Flores and Princess Danielle Morales.


Isabella and Cassandra Hernandez sang several Spanish songs to the delight of the audience.

Yvette Araujo announced that the children could enter the contest in either of the categories: Indian, Religious, Animal Dress, Most Unique, International, Fairy Tails or Comic-Com.  The pets would be judged on the Largest, the Smallest, Most Unique or International.


Contestants for the International Category: Caleb, Mayah, Isabella, and David.


Contestants for the Religious Category: Audrey, Isabella, Caleb and Miah.


Contestants for the Animal Dress Category: Audrey and Miah.


Contestants for the Fairy Tails Category: Caleb , Sabrinna and Mayah.


Contestants for the Comic-Con or Costume Play Contest:  Caleb, Sabrinna, Mayah and Isabella.




Contestants for Largest Pet Catagory: Luna, Blanco and Hara.



Contestants for Smallest and Most Unique Pet Catagory: Paris, Flipper toy dog, Mickie, Carmel, Coca, Mango, Noodles, Scooby Doo, Shellie and Fatty.

Contestants for Most Creative Dress for Pets: Fatty, Carmel, Flipper toy dog and Luna.




Members of the San Gabriel Marimba Ensemble performed for the audience as the judges totaled up their scores.


The winners of the Children’s Contest were: Mayah, Sabrinna, Miah, Audrey and Isabella.


The winners of the Pet’s Contest were: Blanco (dog), Shelly (turtle), Scooby Doo (dragon) and Carmel (gerbil).

Yvette Araujo thanked all of the contestants and the judges for sharing in this special event.


Yvette, Monica and Diane Araujo were thanked by Charlie Betancourt for the many years of dedication to the Children’s and Pet’s Costume Contest.




Father Alex Gaitan led the Blessing of the Animals. He said that our animals are God’s pets and He blesses them to serve the people. They were saved from the flood. We must take care of them.

Father Alex asked God to bless the pets as he sprinkled them with Holy Water.

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