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People Who Make A Difference

People Who Make A Difference


Pedro Chan, Ph.D., Vincent Chang, Nancy Arcuri, Yukio Kawaratani, Paul Perez, Marcia Spira, Carol Sullivan, Charles Mau and Gloria Guerrero recipients of the People Who Make A Difference Award over the years. (Photo by O.C. Lee)


Theresa Amador of the Monterey Park Democratic Club welcomed everyone to this very special event held on February 22nd at the Empress Harbor Restaurant.


President Jeff Schwartz of the club gave a brief history of this award that was founded by the United Democratic Club in 2002 to honor two Monterey Park residents (a man and a woman) who have received minimum public recognition for their persistent involvement in civic enterprises that continue to the betterment of our community. An honoree could not be a public official or a club member.

He explained that the United Democratic Club and the Monterey Park Democratic Club combined in 2013.


Jeff Schwartz led the Flag Salute.


Ashton Ruiz and Ashley Ruiz entertained the guests with several songs.

Jeff Schwartz introduced some of the special guests that included Congressmember Judy Chu, State Senator candidate Mike Eng, Assemblymember Ed Chau, Garvey School Boardmember Henry Lo, Monterey Park Mayor Pro Tem Peter Chan, retired City Clerk David Barron, City Clerk Vincent Chang, Alhambra School Boardmember Bob Gin, President of the Greater Chamber of Monterey Park Dora Leung, Monterey Park Police Chief Jim Smith, Monterey Park City Manager Ron Bow, Monterey Park Fire Chief Scott Haberle, Human Resources Director Tom Cody, Theresa Amador, Kathy Wills, Delario Robinson, Ralph Mitchell and Craig Athon.


Kathy Wills requested the 60 guests to enjoy the great food and entertainment.


Assemblymember Ed Chau thanked Carol Sullivan and Charles Mau for their dedication to our community. He honored them with proclamations.





Pedro Chan entertained the guests with several magic tricks that involved chopsticks and swallowing a sword. He advised against trying this trick at home.


Police Chief Jim Smith was the Master of Ceremony for the evening.  He introduced Charles Mau and told the audience he found out that Peter Chan and Charles Mau both attended the University of Wisconsin.

Charles Mau and his wife, Tammy are longtime resident of Monterey Park. He commutated to San Diego to work. After he retired in 2010 he volunteered at Langley Center teaching computer skills to the seniors. He also served on the Sister Cities Commission. He currently is the President of the Chinese American Citizens Alliance of the San Gabriel Valley Lodge that enriches the lives of all Americans. He makes our country better.


Jeff Schwartz presented the award to Charles Mau in the presence of his wife, Tammy and Jim Smith.


Charles Mau wished everyone a Happy New Year! He thanked Jim Smith and his club members from Chinese American Citizens Alliance for this honor. He thanked his wife of 32 years, Tammy. He said after he retired she advised him to volunteer at Langley Center. He thanked the late Beth Ryan for helping him teach the seniors on the computers. He also thanked Frank Venti for putting him on the commission. He also volunteers at Chinese American Citizens Alliance.

He hopes his services to our country will keep Monterey Park a great place to live. He asked God’s blessing on this great nation of ours.


Jim Smith introduced Carol Sullivan. He met her about 10 years ago when her husband, Larry Sullivan, a fellow Lion introduced them. She was born in Hawaii and moved to Monterey Park in 1956. She attended Mark Keppel High School and was one of three Asian students at the school in the early 1960s. She owned a Tennis Shop on Garfield in Monterey Park and another Tennis Shop in Alhambra. She later worked in the mortgage business for Chicago Title Company.

Carol and Larry Sullivan have been married for 21 years and have four grandchildren. Together they have been service volunteers for the city of Monterey Park and their church, St. Paul’s. Carol currently volunteers her time at the Chamber, the Women’s Club and the Library. She makes our community better.

Jim Smith presented the award to Carol Sullivan in the presence of her husband, Larry.


Carol Sullivan thanked Jim Smith and the club for this award. She thanked Larry for being with her. She spoke about moving into Monterey Park from Hawaii and the issues that faced her and her family. When she graduated from Mark Keppel in 1962 she was one of three Asian students and she is Japanese and European heritage. She thanked the police officers and firefighters for their support. They raised $3,000 during the Breast Cancer Walk.

She enjoyed making the origami decorations for Barnes Park during the Special Olympics and decorating Langley Center for the city’s 100th Birthday celebration. She thanked the Library Foundation and Family Promise for their support.

Carol thanked her friends for their support. We are all important to our city. She thanked Larry for his love and support. Thank you!



Judy Chu expressed her happiness to be here to honor Charles Mau. He lobbies in Washington, DC for the Chinese American Citizens Alliance. He is very active in Monterey Park. She thanked him.

Judy Chu was very happy to honor Carol Sullivan as a very active volunteer in the city. She called Carol a role model for activism in Monterey Park. She thanked her for her service to Monterey Park.

Judy Chu presented proclamations to Charles Mau and Carol Sullivan.



Mike Eng said he had to be here to honor Carol Sullivan, a fellow Hawaiian. He thanked her for her service to Family Promise who helps homeless families find jobs and homes. He thanked her for her service to the Library. He called Carol a very caring person.

Mike Eng thanked Charles Mau for his service to the community in Chinese American Citizens Alliance and his service at Langley Center. He thanked him for his service to our city.

Mike Eng presented Carol Sullivan and Charles Mau with proclamations.


Judy Chu and Mike Eng joined in the celebration with Carol Sullivan, Larry Sullivan, Charles Mau, Tammy Mau, Jeff Schwartz and Jim Smith.


Ashton Ruiz and Ashley Ruiz dedicated a special song to Carol Sullivan and Charles Mau during the party.


Jeff Schwartz honored Kathy Wills, Dolores Rios, Theresa Amador, Ralph Mitchell, Craig Athon in the presence of Jim Smith for their service to the club.


Ashton Ruiz, Ashley Ruiz, Kathy Wills, Carol Sullivan and Charles Mau joined for a picture in honor of the event.

Jeff Schwartz thanked the honorees, their guests and club members for attending the 2018 People Who Make A Difference Award dinner.

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