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Memorial Day


Veterans from Monterey Park joined together with elected officials to remember their fallen comrades from World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Afghanistan and Iraq on May 29th in front of City Hall.


Connie Morales, Betty Jong and Dora Rodriguez presented a wreath from their Opti-Mrs. Club.


A wreath from the city was also displayed near the War Memorial in memory of all of our fallen military members.


Mayor Teresa Real Sebastian welcomed all to this special event. We must remind the younger people about the importance of Memorial Day. She introduced Mayor Pro Tem Stephen Lam, who was out of town and could not attend, Councilmember Peter Chan, Councilmember Hans Liang, Councilmember Mitch Ing and City Clerk Vince Chang, City Treasurer Joseph Leon was not able to attend today but he sends his best wishes.


Connie Morales was honored to lead our flag salute.


American Legion Post 397’s Chaplain Tom McCrady gave the invocation. He asked God to give peace to the veterans and their families.  He asked God to heal the broken hearted families of the dead.

Mayor Real Sebastian thanked the American Legion and the Opti-Mrs. Club of Monterey Park for their assistance with this service.



Enrique Robles from Congressmember Judy Chu’s office spoke about his father’s military service during the Korean War. He was stationed in Germany. He reviews veterans’ DD214 Forms, which gives a history of the veteran’s service. He helps the veterans receive their benefits and medals as part of his case management services.

He spoke about the many heroes from the San Gabriel Valley over the years. He thanked the veterans for their services. They give us our freedoms.

He presented a proclamation from Congressmember Judy Chu in honor of Memorial Day.



Jimmy Tang from Supervisor Hilda Solis’s office said this day is reserved to honor our veterans. They fought and died to protect us from harm. They should be honored every day.

He presented a proclamation from Supervisor Hilda Solis in honor of Memorial Day.



Christina Correa from Assemblymember Ed Chau’s office stated that Monterey Park has many great veterans. Ron Bow is their Veteran of the Year. She thanked all of those who served. We should honor them.

She presented a proclamation from Assemblymember Ed Chau in honor of Memorial Day.


Ron Bow, Interim City Manager, is being honored as Veteran of the Year. He said he is deeply honor for this award and is accepting it for the many veterans have passed on.


Mayor Real Sebastian shared one of many poems written about Memorial Day. She asked people to pray for all of our military people who fought and died. Think of the fallen lost in time and keep them in your mind. Remember those of the military who served for our freedoms.

Her grandmother said yes you are of Mexican descendant and you are an American. You don’t have to worry you will have life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

She reminded the audience that May 29th is the city’s 101st birthday. She thanked the veterans. Please cherish our Memorial Day and our veterans.


Councilmember Chan also read a poem about Memorial Day. He thanked all of the veterans. Today we celebrate Memorial Day. We must remember all of the veterans. They deserve our respect for their sacrifices. He thanked the firefighters, police officers and the staff for their service to our community.

Mayor Real Sebastian asked everyone to please fly our American flag at your home.


Councilmember Liang thanked everyone for being here today to respect our fallen veterans. He remembers when he first served on the Council five years ago and he attended the Memorial Day service. He has a new appreciation for this day. We must also regret the loss of the veterans who died for our country. He thanked firefighters for their support of our city. They are like our military, always ready to serve.

He spoke about the movie “Black Hawk Down” and a survivor of the crash. The military members are his brothers in arms. They would die for each other. Military trained people watch each other’s backs. Please remember our veterans. Happy Memorial Day!


Councilmember Ing thanked all of the guests in attendance. He spoke about his trip to Washington, DC during President Obama’s first inauguration with his then 13-year-old son, Derek. His son’s favorite place in the DC area was Arlington National Cemetery because it was very peaceful.

He said the young people want to protest. He tells them this is a good country so he has nothing to protest. He also spoke about his sister who died at the age of 55 years old. She was diagnosed with a blood disorder when she was one year old. She needed 550 blood transfusions to save her life. Over 450 people attended funeral. Many of them met her in the hospital over the years.

He recalled a line from the play “Alexander Hamilton”: “ who lives, who dies and who tells our stories”. Please share your history with other people. He thanked the audience for attending.


City Clerk Chang also read a poem about Memorial Day. He asked the guests to remember those who gave their lives for all of us. Please remember to vote in their honor.


Fire Captain Matt Hallock addressed the audience. He is very happy and thankful to the veterans of our country for our freedoms and our values. The Monterey Park Fire Department thank you for being here today.


Police Officer Troy Grant is a veteran. At the age of 22 he served in the Army for two years. We have a lot to be thankful for. We owe thanks to the veterans who serve today and in the past. He thanked everyone for their support.


World War II veteran Albert Robles served in the South Pacific. He still thinks about all of the people who are no longer here. Today means a lot to him and all of you.


Veteran Jim Iwaki served in Alaska. He reminded everyone that freedom is not free. He thanked all of the veterans who served for all of us.

He said that our Historical Society needs to compile a Veterans Register for Monterey Park.

Mayor Real Sebastian thanked everyone for joining us today.

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