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The Cascades


The Cascades Waterfall is one of Monterey Park’s hidden jewels located on El Portal and Atlantic Blvd. It is located at the top of the hill and the water cascades down to end of the cement structure in the park.

The Cascades Waterfall is incorporated into our Monterey Park city seal.

The view from The Cascades ends at the beautiful Jardin del Encanto that currently houses The Greater Chamber of Commerce of Monterey Park.


In June 1928, Peter Snyder, a Greek immigrant, opened his Midwick View Estates in Monterey Park to sell real estate and build homes for people who wanted to move to Southern California. He built his sales office in the Spanish motif and named it Jardin del Encanto. He also built a waterfall with the statue of Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom and War in the apex, which is a nod to his Greek heritage. The building and waterfall are registered as a historical site with the State of California.



$400,000 of Prop A government funds were used to repair the site and to safely improve the plumbing and the electric units on the waterfall.

The improvements also allowed for replanting the lawn, repairing the two sets of stairs that line the waterfall, repairing the drainage system, plant flowers and add a few benches.

The waterfall has color lights in the water that are lit up at night to add to the beauty of this city treasure.

Cascades Park and El Encanto are located in the center of a residential neighborhood so parking is limited. A visit to this neighborhood wonder will give you a glimpse into early Monterey Park history.

Generations of residents and their friends recall spending many a spring or summer day visiting this park and taking family pictures.


On April 3rd longtime residents Johnny and Nancy Thompson, Boone Palert, Marie Montanez, Delores Rillos, Marsha Spira, Paul Perez, Larry Sullivan, Dave Barron and Nancy Arcuri met at the Waterfall to view the pool in the middle of the falls to

express their concerns about Equitable Vitrines, a non-profit organization from Los Angeles and their mind set to place their statue of Eve in the waterfall since they cannot remove our Athena from The Cascades Waterfall.

The residents and business owners of Monterey Park do not want our city history altered by Equitable Vitrines.

The City Council is scheduled to discuss this issue during the April 19th meeting.

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