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Snow Tumbled Down In Monterey Park


Snow tumbled down on December 2th in certain locations in Barnes Park. The Christmas Season had arrived in Monterey Park.



Members of the Schuur High School Band played traditional Christmas carols to the joy of hundreds of residents and their guests.


Dan Costley welcomed everyone to Monterey Park. You can see the snow blowing in the park.  That will be something to tell your grandchildren that you saw and played in snow in our city.


Students from St. Stephen Martyr School entertained the guests with many old favorite carols.


Mayor Mitch Ing, Vice Mayor Teresa Real Sebastian, Councilmembers Hans Liang and Peter Chan and Treasurer Joseph Leon joined in the party at Monterey Park’s Holiday Snow Village.

Mayor Ing thanked everyone for coming. He advised the audience the idea to create this Snow Village is Vice Mayor Teresa Real Sebastian’s. He thanked her for her creativity. Have a Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

Mayor Real Sebastian welcomed everyone to our city. Enjoy the event! She thanked the staff for their support.

Councilmember Liang said it is a great time to visit Monterey Park’s Snow Village. It is our 100th birthday. He thanked every one for this event.

Councilmember Chan thanked Vice Mayor Teresa Real Sebastian and the staff for this event. Enjoy the evening!

Treasurer Leon thanked the residents for their participation. Have a good time!


Robert Aguirre, Teresa Real Sebastian and Santa’s elves stood on the stage decorated with Christmas trees and colorfully wrapped gifts. They asked the guests to begin to call for Santa to join them in the park.


A Monterey Park Firefighter caught the Grinch for stealing Santa’s red sleigh.


Santa then arrived riding his sleigh to the delight of the children of all ages.


Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer joined the party with many of his friends.


Santa enjoyed a visit with each of his little friends. Each child received a small stuffed toy from one of Santa’s helpers.


Olaf shared smiles with some of his fans.



Children of all ages enjoyed the fast downhill ride as hundreds of residents and their guests waited in line to experience the sled ride of a lifetime.


Students from Garvey Intermediate School sang joyful Christmas carols.


Students from Cantwell Sacred Heart of Mary High School serenaded the audience with Christmas carols.



Playing in the snow was a treat the residents. Some of them threw snowballs while others made the famous snow angles.


Robert Aguirre, Vice Mayor Teresa Real Sebastian drew out lucky numbers for the winners of the Christmas trees. The Grinch offered his assistance during the drawings.


The Grinch and one of Santa’s elves enjoyed the party.




Students from Mark Keppel High School sang traditional carols and performed a medley from “Nightmare Before Christmas”.



Members of Girl Scout Troop 5631danced and rocked out to several Christmas carols.



Vice Mayor Real Sebastian asked all of the children to join her on the stage with Santa, Rudolph, Olaf and the Grinch for the finally. She thanked all of the guests for attending. She thanked the entertainers, sponsors and her committee for this wonderful event.  Several of elves set off the Confetti Cannons of colorful confetti that snowed down on the stage.

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