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San Gabriel Mission Fiesta


Princess Citalli Sanchez, Queen Jailyne Cruz Guerra and Princess Alex Sanchez along with their escorts Ajay Hernandez and Aaron Escamilla and Father Tony Diaz rang three of the six Mission Bells to call the San Gabriel Valley residents to the 2016 fiesta held at the mission on September 2nd, 3rd and 4th.


Father Diaz thanked God for the mission being sent to this wonderful valley. He asked God to bless the 245th Royal Court and this next generation.


Father Tony Diaz, Father Paulus Marandi, Father Long van Nguyen joined members of the Royal Court and church members on the stage to bless this special event.   Father Diaz said diversity is a blessing. We see the face of God at the San Gabriel Mission. Diversity is great for the families in the community.

The prayers were offered in several languages including English, Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog and Vietnamese.


Father Tony Diaz along with Father Paulus Marandi and Father Long van Nguyen blessed the grounds with holy water.  They asked God to bless the event, the volunteers and the guests at the fiesta.


The Royal Court: Princess Citalli Sanchez, Ajay Hernandez, Queen Jailyne Cruz Guerra, Aaron Escamilla and Princess Alex Sanchez were excited to celebrate the 245th Mission Fiesta.



Folk dancers graced the stage as part of the weekend entertainment.


Judges of the Children’s and Pet’s Costume Contest were Nanette Rincon, Denise Menchaca and Yvette Araujo.  Their job was not easy as the little children and pets crossed the stage in front of them.


Dianna Araujo welcomed the audience to this favorite part of the fiesta. She advised the people that there were several categories for the children: Religious, Multicultural, International, Fantasy and Most Creative. A contestant could win in one or more categories.


Julie Quezada was the Mistress of Ceremonies.  She said this was her first contest event and she was excited to be here.


Largest Pets: Molly with Spiderman.



Smallest Pets: Rocky, Scamper, Sophie, Luna, Alex’s birds, Lucy and Chiclet with their humans.



Chiclet was chosen as Most Unique Pet and Sophie, Scamper and Rocky were chosen for their Most Creative costumes.


Sabrina entered the contest dressed in a colorful folk costume in the Multicultural and International events.



Landon entered the contest dressed as Spiderman in the Fantasy and Most Creative events. He stood on his head as one of his Spiderman tricks.


The Royal Court: Princess Citalli Sanchez, Queen Jailyne Cruz Guerra and Princess Alex Sanchez along with their escorts Ajay Hernandez, Alphonso Escamilla and Aaron Escamilla enjoyed the Children and Pet’s event.


Landon won the Most Creative and Fantasy Awards. Monica Araujo handed out the awards to him.


Sabrina won the Multicultural Award. Monica Araujo handed out the award to her.


Super Sophie won the Most Creative Award with her human.


Chiclet won the Most Unique Award with his human.


Scamper won the Smallest Pet Award with her human.


Molly won the Largest Pet Award with her human.


Father Ray Smith said he and Father Paulus Marandi are the youngest ordained Claretian Missionaries. He was ordained two months ago into the order. Father Marandi was ordained three months ago.

Father Smith gave a brief history on the various patron saints of animals. St. Francis of Assisi is still the most famous one of all. He also loved people too.

He asked God to bless all of us. All of the animals are God’s creatures. They share in our human lives. God uses animals to help people. We need to give the pets our attention. He thanked God for all of the animals. We should honor them, as they are a joyous gift from God.



Father Smith and Father Marandi blessed the animals and their humans with holy water.  They ask God to protect and bless them.

Father Smith thanked the audience and their pets for coming to the fiesta.

The San Gabriel Mission Fiesta is the major fundraiser for this church.

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