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Happy 100th Birthday Monterey Park!


Mayor Peter Chan, Mayor Pro Tem Mitch Ing, Councilmembers Teresa Real Sebastian, Stephen Lam and Hans Liang, City Clerk Vince Chang, City Treasurer Joseph Leon were joined by former Mayors: Gershon Lewis, Louise Davis, Lily Lee Chen, Monty Manibog, Judy Chu, Mike Eng, Rita Valenzuela, Frank Venti, Betty Tom Chu, David Lau and retired Alhambra School Boardmember Dr. Sophia Wong surrounding the city’s 100th Birthday cake. Special guests included Assemblymember Ed Chau, former City Clerks: Theresa Amador, Pauline Lemire and Dave Barron, Garvey School Boardmember Henry Lo, Water Boardmember John Leung and Lawrence Shih representing Supervisor Hilda Solis.



The cake was a recreation of our famous Cascades Waterfalls, which is on our city’s seal with our city’s motto “Pride in the Past” and “Faith in the Future”.


Police Chief Jim Smith was the Master of Ceremonies. He welcomed everyone to Monterey Park’s 100th Birthday Party that was celebrated on May 14th as part our Play Days Celebration (May 12th to May 15th) held at Barnes Park. He also introduced the elected officials to the audience.


Members of the Police and Fire Explorers presented the colors and led the Pledge of Allegiance.


Mea Heatley sang our National Anthem.


Police Chaplain John Long led the invocation. He thanked God for Monterey Park and asked God to bless us.


Congressmember Judy Chu spoke about the old Monterey Park with farm areas and not a lot of development. Today we have a state of the art library and major developments on the agenda like the Market Place. We are now a diverse city where every one is welcome. The residents both past and present made the city what it is today. She made a presentation to the elected officials in honor of the city’s birthday.


Assemblymember Ed Chau stated Monterey Park incorporated on May 29th, 1916 as a city. It has come a long way over the years. He presented a joint proclamation from Senator Ed Hernandez (who could not attend this event due to a family emergency) and himself in celebration of the city’s 100th birthday to the current elected officials and Chief Jim Smith.


Ronald McDonald was the Grand Marshal of the Play Days Parade. He greeted everyone with a happy smile.


Mayor Peter Chan spoke about the history of Monterey Park. The city fathers incorporated into a city so they would not become a sewer farm for other cities.

We have worked together to bring Monterey Park forward for the last 100 years. We are going forward into a new future. He spoke about the new developments that include the Market Place that will provide us with more sales taxes to pay for the additional services for our police department, fire department and our city staff.

He also spoke about the benefits of going green at the city’s buildings with LED lights and solar energy. The future residents will be proud of Monterey Park.


Mayor Pro Tem Mitch Ing welcomed all to the Monterey Park Centennial. He thanked the early leaders who set the groundwork for our city. He introduced the many committee chairpersons to the audience and spoke about the various events planned for the year. He thanked everyone for being here today.


City Clerk Vince Chang spoke about the parade and the carnival. He suggested that the residents make memories today for the next 100 years. He also provided information of the parade.


Councilmember Stephen Lam spoke about the upcoming events being held around the city as part of the celebration. He spoke about the Time Capsule that will be buried in front of City Hall that will include budget reports, pictures of elected officials, a book about Kobe Bryant, a magazine about Prince, a Centennial flag and coin, a copy of the Monterey Park & West Valley Journal and The Citizen’s Voice newspapers.


City Treasurer Joseph Leon spoke about the Centennial coin that was created in honor of the city’s birthday. Each coin is being sold for $10 each.  The coins are available for sale at the Recreation Department’s counter.


Committee member Theresa Amador invited residents to attend the Library Gala held on May 19th to raise funds for the Monterey Park Bruggemeyer Library.


Councilmember Teresa Real Sebastian recognized and thanked the Centennial sponsors who were very generous with their donations. She also spoke about the special events that include concerts held at the Barnes Park Amphitheatre (see the city’s website for more information), 4th of July, Geranium Festival, Library Foundation Day at the Races, Pajama 5K Run/Walk and Holiday Snow Village.


Cici Lau spoke about a Short Film Contest being held in September for students (see the city’s website for more information).

Dave Barron invited residents to attend a Dinner at Langley Center on October 22nd that will be a reflection of our 100 years.


A picture of our Centennial flag that will be placed in the Time Capsule.


Councilmember Hans Liang spoke about the Centennial Monument that will be placed near the corner of Ramona and Newmark to make the location of the Time Capsule.  The monument will be marked with the historical dates of every service club in the city’s history. He wished Monterey Park a Happy Birthday!


Elected officials surround a mock up on the monument that will mark the location of the Time Capsule.


School Board Trustee Mike Eng spoke about his first year as a Councilmember. He was shocked with the FBI’s crime report until he realized that they sent him the report for Monterey not Monterey Park. We are Monterey Park! Be loud and be proud! We fight for the rights of the residents. They participate in local government. People tell the Council what to do. He is proud to represent the community.

Chief Smith thanked the Monterey Park’s Women’s Club for providing the refreshments at this event.  He thanked the vendors for their support.

Treasurer Leon introduced the many committee members and thanked them for their support.


Former Mayors Gershon Lewis and Louise Davis shared their history of Monterey Park.


Gershon Lewis thanked the Council for keeping the City Hall opened so people have an open ear. Monterey Park is seldom in the newspapers. It is great to continue the open door policy.

Mayor Chan thanked everyone for coming to this celebration. Enjoy the next century!


Members of the Monterey Park Police Explorer Post 300 carried the colors at the opening of the Play Days Parade on Garvey Avenue on May 14th.



The Golden Dragon and Lions opened the parade for good luck.


Members of Mark Keppel High School Band played loud and proud as part of the celebration.


Mayor Peter Chan and his wife, Jenny, enjoyed the party.



Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts proudly marched in the parade.


Members of San Gabriel High School Band played and marched in the historical parade.


Mayor Pro Tem Mitch Ing and his wife, Gloria, wished every one a Happy Birthday!


Students from Hillcrest Elementary School produced their skit on old Monterey Park complete with its farmland in the 1900s as part of history in motion.


Family and friends joined Councilmember Teresa Real Sebastian with her husband, Armen, as they wished the residents a Happy Birthday!


Councilmember Stephen Lam and his wife, Jenny enjoyed their first time in the parade.


Members of the Monterey Park Sports Club were very happy to join in the fun.



Members of the Rancho La Laguna danced their horses down the road to the beat of their band.



Members of the US Kung Fu Center of Monterey Park proudly shared the martial arts with the community.


Pleasure Riders rode their horse with pride.


Councilmember Hans Liang and his wife, Loni enjoyed the day.



Students from Highlands Elementary School produced their skit on the old Cascades and our 100th birthday party for their history in motion.


Ronald McDonald thrilled the crowd on the parade route.



The Mayors Train included Louise Davis, Rita Valenzuela, Monte Manibog, Lily Lee Chen and David Lau. They all served the city with pride.


Former Mayors Frank Venti and Betty Tom Chu were joined by Dr. Sophie Wong driving down the road as part of the celebration.


Committee member William Wheeler joined in the fun.


City Clerk Vince Chang rode one of his many bikes in the parade.



Members of the Monterey Park Originals shared their stories of their childhoods in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s.


Fire Chief Scott Haberle rode on Quint 61 in the parade as the firefighters enjoyed the party.


City Treasurer Joseph Leon and his wife, Rolanda enjoyed the parade.



Members of the Meher Montessori School were loud and proud to march in this special parade.



Good Luck Lions danced down the road to the delight of the children.



Students from Ynez Elementary School produced their skit on their school built in 1946 and their school today for their history in motion.


Members of the 2016 Chinatown Court: First Princess Ying Michelle Liang, Queen and Miss Photogenic Li Qu and Second Princess Kristen Phung joined in the party.



Students from Repetto Elementary School produced their skit on El Encanto and the Cascades for their history in motion.


Betty Lu was peddled down the street in a modern bike.


Chamber President Dora Leung wished every one a Happy Birthday!


Students from Brightwood Elementary School produced their skit the incorporation of the city so it would not become a sewer farm for their history in motion.



Members of American Legion Post 397 joined in the celebration.


Members of the Chinese-American War Memorial joined the party.


Members of Sones De Mi Tierra danced their way down the road.


Members of the Comision Permanente De Fiestas Patrias Ecuatorianas joined the event in honor of City Clerk Vince Chang who was born in Equador.



Royal Thai Consultant and folk dancers celebrated the city’s birthday.

The parade featured bands, tall flags, marching units, drill teams, classic cars, bikes, a clown, a dragon, lions and more.


Mayor Pro Tem Mitch Ing founded and sponsored the History in Motion category for the students. The judges had to choose three winners from the five schools that participated.

He announced that each school would receive a check for $50 to cover the costs of their art supplies.


Students from Repetto won the third prize of $100.


Students from Brightwood won the second prize of $250.


Students from Ynez won the first prize of $500.

Mayor Pro Tem Ing thanked the donors for their support and the schools for their support.


Chamber President Dora Leung and City Clerk Vince Chang introduced artist Emi Motokawa who created artwork staring Monterey Park that is featured on the local buses.

Mayor Peter Chan and City Clerk Vince Chang presented the awards to all of the winning participants in their various categories in the 2016 Play Days Parade.

Members of the Wong Tai San Alliance Dance Team won the Mayors Award. They were not present to accept their award.


Members of Dana Middle School Band won the Musical Award.


Members of the John North High School Blue Star Regiment won the Drill Team Award.


Members of the Monterey Park Police Explorer Post 300 won an award.


Members of the Meher Montessori School also received an award.


Members of San Gabriel High School Band won several awards.


Members of Mark Keppel High School Band won several awards.


Members of the Monterey Park Originals won an award.

The weekend event also featured a Carnival in Barnes Park.

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