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Cherry Blossom Festival And Earth Day


The Greater Chamber of Commerce of Monterey Park President Dora Leung welcomed everyone to the City’s Centennial Bike Ride during Earth Day on April 16th at Barnes Park during the Cherry Blossom Festival. She introduced Lawrence Shih from Supervisor Hilda Solis’ office who participated in the events.



Dora Leung said some of the audience was dressed in the time period. Brianna was dressed as a 1916 schoolgirl, Jose wore a 1920’s hat and Duane wore clothes from the 1960’s. They each received a check from the Chamber for their participation.


City Clerk Vince Chang presented lucky lottery winner David with a Dohar bike valued at $650.  The bike folds up for easy transportation in your car.

Dora Leung thanked the Cherry Blossom Committee, the Environmental Committee and the Greater Chamber of Commerce for giving back to the community.

The Chamber is located at 700 El Mercado Ave, Monterey Park, CA. Phone: (626) 570-9429. E-mail: info@mpkchamber.org. The Chamber is now a visitor’s center and opened for tours.


Rodney Kageyama and Shin Ito welcomed the audience to the 19th Cherry Blossom Festival in Monterey Park. This two-day event was held at Barnes Park on April 16th and 17th included delicious food, entertainment, art, plants, flowers, raffle prizes, clothes, gifts, information booths and more.

They introduced the sponsors and thanked all of the volunteers for this successful event.




Members of Ryukyukoku Matsuri Daiko opened the event with their famous drums that called the residents to join in the celebration.  Their songs are played in celebration of the harvest and good health.




Members of Mark Keppel High School Aztec Singers performed one of their many stage productions to the delight of their family and friends.



Men, women and young girls dressed in traditional Kimonos are ready for their fashion show joined by elected officials.


Mayor Peter Chan, Councilmembers Teresa Real Sebastian, Hans Liang and Stephen Lam and City Clerk Vince Chang, Lawrence Shih all gathered around a special bike that reminded everyone of a rickshaw. The bike was part of the Earth Day display.


Japanese Consul General Harry Horinoughi, Mayor Peter Chan, Mayor Pro Tem Mitch Ing, Councilmembers Teresa Real Sebastian, Hans Liang, City Clerk Vince Chang and Lawrence Shih.

Mayor Chan welcomed everyone to the Cherry Blossom Festival. Monterey Park is celebrating their 100th Anniversary. He asked the residents and guests to join in our celebrations scheduled for the year.

Mayor Pro Tem Ing welcomed the residents and guests to celebrate the culture of Japan in Monterey Park. Thank you!

Councilmember Real Sebastian also welcomed the guests. Cherry Blossoms is a part of the Japanese culture that we celebrate. It is about spring, friendship and family. City Treasurer Joseph Leon is on another bike ride and could not join with us today.

Councilmember Liang welcomed everyone to Monterey Park to celebrate the 19th Annual Cherry Blossom event. He thanked the committee members for this event. In 1912 the Japanese government sent 3,000 Cherry trees to Washington, DC as a sign of friendship with Japan. In 1915 the United States sent Dogwood trees to Japan as a sign of friendship. Enjoy the event!

Clerk Chang welcomed the audience to Monterey Park. This is part of our 100-year celebration along with the Earth Day bike rides. Enjoy the day!

Mr. Shih sent greetings from Supervisor Hilda Solis. She thanked Monterey Park. It is a centennial year. Enjoy the festival!

Consul General Horinoughi congratulated Monterey Park on its 100th Anniversary. It is a milestone. He is grateful to Monterey Park for this festival. It is important to have great memories in your lives. He thanked the committee, volunteers and the residents.

Councilmember Lam welcomed everyone to Monterey Park to celebrate the Cherry Blossoms. It is a wonderful event. We celebrate the Lunar New Year and Cinco De Mayo too. We are a diverse city and everyone is welcomed. Enjoy!


Japanese Consul General Harry Horinoughi, Mayor Peter Chan, Mayor Pro Tem Mitch Ing, Councilmembers Teresa Real Sebastian, Hans Liang, Stephen Lam and City Clerk Vince Chang, Lawrence Shih were presented a proclamation from the Cherry Blossom Committee by Rodney Kageyama for their participation.


Rodney Kageyama and Vickie Sill-Ohashi presented Phyllis Chang a proclamation from the Cherry Blossom Committee for her longtime participation in the festival.


Rodney Kageyama presented Madame Fumi Akutagawa a proclamation from the Cherry Blossom Committee for her longtime participation in the festival.


Mayor Peter Chan, Councilmembers Hans Liang and Stephen Lam and City Clerk Vince Chang presented a proclamation to the Environmental Committee Karl Wong, Shirley Wong and Johanna Bonillo in honor of Earth Day.

Mayor Chan joked that he took the family bike ride. He did not ride up on the hills. He said the city is planning on installing solar energy panels at several of the city’s buildings and we have already installed the LED lights in these buildings.

Councilmember Liang suggested the audience check out the Earth Day booths in the park.

Councilmember Lam said the Environmental Committee helps the city.

Clerk Chang said he was pleased to be here at Earth Day. He did ride his bike this morning.  The condition of the earth is important to all of us. We need to ride bikes to help save the earth and reduce our carbon footprint.

Commission Chairman Wong thanked the audience for attend the Cherry Blossom Festival and Earth Day. They want to educate the kids on the environment. He thanked the sponsors.




Members of the Kyodo Taiko performed several songs on their drums as the crowd moved to their beat.


School Board Trustee Mike Eng welcomed the audience to Cherry Blossom. “Aloha!” He was born in Hawaii. It is important for people to remember our culture in Los Angeles. He presented a proclamation to the Committee and Councilmember Stephen Lam in honor of the event.




The guests enjoyed impressive flower displays of many colors and styles.



Traditional Japanese dolls that are handmade were on exhibit as part of the festival.



Origami created by Michael Sanders was on display.  Guests were shown how to make their own origami creations.


A display of paper flowers and a chance to create them was at the Tanabita booth.



Children enjoyed creating their own art works and playing games in the Kids Craft Zone. A clown also made balloon toys, flowers, hats and animals.


The Earth Day Booth features a picture of the Cascades created with bottle caps and plastic CD cases.  18 Students from Mark Keppel High School spent hours on this labor of love.



Members of the Halau Hula ‘a’ala Anuhea troupe performed many traditional dances bring a “taste of the island” to Monterey Park.


The Creative Minds Art booth provided the guests with a chance to wear a traditional Henna tattoo.


The Monterey Park Bruggemeyer Library booth featured books and lessons on how to create a Cherry Blossom picture using black ink and a pink marker.


Yama, a USA Sumo member, posed for pictures with one of his many fans.

The two-day event featured tea ceremonies, food demonstrations, plays, story times and more.

The Cherry Blossom Festival is one of the best cultural events in Monterey Park.

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