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Veterans Day


Veterans from World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Afghanistan and Iraq gathered together in front of the Monterey Park City Hall on November 11th to honor their fallen comrades.


Members of American Legion #397 presented the colors on the beautiful sunny fall day.


Post Commander Gabriel Suarez led the flag salute as everyone stood at attention and listened to our National Anthem.

Commander Suarez welcomed everyone to this Veteran Day celebration. We are honored to have all of you here for this special celebration.


Post Chaplain Tom McCrady said today we honor all of the veterans who served our country. He asked God to please bless them for their hardships. Please respect and honor them. He asked God to bless and keep them.


Mayor Peter Chan thanked the American Legion and all of the military for protecting us. We owe you for sacrificing for us to keep us at peace. We need to perceive peace. He thanked all of the veterans for their years of service. He wished everyone a good day and good health.

Mayor Chan said that Councilmember Teresa Real Sebastian was under the weather and apologized for not being able to attend. Councilmember Stephen Lam was not able to attend because of his business obligations.


Mayor Pro Tem Mitch Ing welcomed all to this celebration. He is proud his grandfather served in World War II. He lived in Monterey Park and enjoyed visiting Chinatown in Los Angeles. One day his grandfather stopped and gave a homeless man some money. He asked his grandfather why? His grandfather taught him a lifelong lesson “it is better to give”.

He also spoke about a movie “Imitation Game” where a British mathematician Alan Turing used math to break the German codes. Mr. Turing’s math ability was credited with ending World War II sooner.

We celebrate Veterans Day with one million veterans serving in Afghanistan and Iraq. 2,000 veterans come home a week for us to take care of them. We need to help the homeless veterans. He asked the veterans to let the city help you out. He thanked everyone for coming.


Councilmember Hans Liang thanked the Legion and the staff for being here today. This is his third year attended this event since he was elected into office. He never served in the military so he asked his co-workers who served in Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq about their service. Their commonality was there is brother hood among the military especially in wartime. All of the veterans made that choice to join the military and serve our country. America stands for freedom and liberty. We need the military to back us up. The veterans decided to serve our country and put their lives before the enemy for us. He thanked them. God bless America and all of us!


City Clerk Vince Chang said this is his third time to attend this ceremony since he was elected. He is awestruck by all of the veterans and family members. Thank you for your service. As city clerk he knows we have the right to vote and exercise that opportunity. He thanked the veterans who became Americans from Asia, South America and other countries to serve our country. He thanked them for making that choice.

City Clerk Chang said City Treasurer Joseph Leon could not attend today because of his work obligations.


Omar Garcia, a member of Post #397, served in Iraq. He is happy to be part of a brotherhood. He is proud to be here today. He belongs to ELAC college military club. He thanked the residents for their support. Have a good day!


Pedro Rios Martinez said three years ago he attended his first Veterans Day celebration in Texas. Veterans would not be veterans without the sacrifices of the fallen soldiers who didn’t come back. He recalled his friend, George Calderon Alvarez from Monterey Park. They were drafted together and served together in Vietnam.  His friend died in Vietnam and his name is engraved on the War Memorial in front of City Hall. He is here today to honor his friend and all of the veterans. He thanked the audience for being here.


Viola Van presented proclamations of appreciation from Congressmember Judy Chu to Commander Suarez, Mayor Chan, Mayor Pro Tem Ing, Councilmember Liang and City Clerk Chang for honoring this special day for our American heroes.

Commander Suarez said that Post #397 has lost five to seven members this year. Please honor the veterans every day. He spoke about post member Eddie Garcia who has developed health problems. It happens to veterans all over. The veterans have protected America. Please pray for him and all of the veterans.

November 11th is a special day. We need to serve our veterans as they have served our nation. PTSD affects the veterans and their families. One out of four veterans are homeless. They vote and volunteer in this community. The make our country safe. We must always be grateful. They swore to die for our country. They sacrificed to protect our county. He thanked the audience for being here today. He asked God to bless America and the veterans. He said the firefighters and police officers are veterans too. He thanked them all for their service.

Commander Suarez invited everyone to attend the open luncheon at the Post.



The Monterey Park Opti-Mrs. and the city presented wreaths that were placed next to the War Memorial.


LTC Charles Hwang and Commander Arthur Fong attended the event in uniform.


LTC Charles Hwang, Edward Wang, Ben Sutu, Mayor Peter Chan, Councilmember Hans Liang and Commander Arthur Fong enjoyed the Monterey Park Veterans Day celebration.

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