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Cherry Blossom Festival and Earth Day



Members of Yoki Daiko (Joyous Drumming) called the residents and guests to the 18th Annual Festival held in Barnes Park in Monterey Park on April 18th and 19th.


The Earth Day celebration was held in the park on April 18th where the bike riders parked the bikes in the special racks after they enjoyed a ride around town.


They had information booths to advise the residents on how to save water and recycle plastic goods.  Members of Mark Keppel High School created cloud pets to the enjoyment of the children.


The Kids Zone featured booths that offered games and crafts. The children made flowers to share with the parents.


Parasols, jewelry, stuffed animals, flowers, plants, fruits, vegetables and candy were some of the many goods offered for sale.

Local organizations sold a variety of foods and drinks to the hungry guests.



Noel Steele rode a special bike that was used to create art as different colors of paint were put into a special pan.  The spinning of bike created “Splash Art”. This bike ride was part of the Earth Day Celebration.


A Tanabata booth with colorful flowers was available to teach people how to make the special Japanese flowers.



Members of Mark Keppel High School Aztec Singers sang and danced in their latest production for the guests to enjoy.





Some of the artist and colorful flower displays were in the gym for the public to enjoy.



Handmade dolls in native costume were on display as part of the celebration.



Origami is an ancient Japanese tradition of folding papers to create art.


Rodney Kageyama was the Master of Ceremony who enjoys the entertainment and the delicious food. He welcomed everyone to the Cherry Blossom Festival.


Mayor Liang welcomed the residents to the Cherry Blossom Festival and Earth Day Celebration. He introduced Mayor Pro Tem Peter Chan, Councilmembers Mitch Ing, Teresa Real Sebastian and Stephen Lam, former Mayor Francisco Alonso, City Clerk Vince Chang, Community College Trustee Mike Eng and Consul General Harry Horinouchi. He thanked the committee and wished everyone a wonderful day.


Mayor Pro Tem Chan welcomed all to the Cherry Blossom Festival. It is the beginning of Spring. Enjoy the celebration!


Councilmember Ing welcomed the residents to the celebration of the Japanese culture. He reminded the audience that Monterey Park will be 100 years old next year. He plans to have a float in the Rose Parade. Enjoy the festival!


Councilmember Real Sebastian said we are very lucky to live in Southern California. We are fortunate to have the Cherry Blossom Festival. Enjoy the celebration!


Councilmember Lam thanked the committee. We celebrate all of the cultures in Monterey Park. Have a great day!


Consul General Harry Horinouchi said he was happy to be here to celebrate the 18th Annual Cherry Blossom Festival. He addressed the audience in English, Japanese and Mandarin. He spoke about the Zodiac. This is the Year of the Sheep. The sheep is a very important character. He drew several versions of the sheep getting bigger. It is the symbol of beauty. This is a very beautiful year!


Community College Trustee Mike Eng spoke about the importance of Earth Day and presented a proclamation to Council.


Former Mayor Alonso welcomed everyone to the 18th year of this festival. Have a fun filled day!


City Clerk Chang welcomed everyone to this festival. He explained that he was dressed for the famous bike ride that he participated in as part of the Earth Day Celebration.


Karl Wong, a member of the Environmental Commission. He thanked the guests for coming to the Cherry Blossom Festival and Earth Day Celebration. He asked them to see all of the exhibits on water conservation, recycling and green buildings. He thanked the audience for their attendance.


Kayoko Yoshimura, Keiko Hashinoto, Fumi Mashino and Chris Christson are members of the Los Angeles Kimono Club. They were dressed in some of traditional kimonos.


Consul General Harry Horinouchi and his wife, Sabine Horinouchi were honored by the City Council for their participation in the festival.


Monterey Park Bruggemeyer Library was one of the many city information booths at the event. The guests were invited to create cherry blossom trees with black ink and red markers.


Chef Andy Matsuda of the Sushi Chief Institutes demonstrated how to make sushi from Norwegian salmon to the audience.


Koi Rescue Service provided a history of the famous fish. The colorful fishes enjoyed swimming around. One fish is on record living to the ripe old age of 215 years.


Members of the Mele Ohana played and danced to famous Hawaiian music.



Members of the Halau Hula ‘a’ ala Anuhea transported the visitors back to the shores of Hawaii with they graceful dancing and beautiful costumes.


Cherry trees planted in Garvey Ranch Park blossom every Spring.

The Cherry Blossom Festival is held in Japan and Monterey Park as a sign of friendship.

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