Electronically Serving Monterey Park, Alhambra, San Gabriel, & Rosemead

March 3, 2015 Unofficial Election Results

These election results are subject to the final count of all provisional ballots and vote by mail ballots submitted to the city wide polling places.

A new election rule allows any vote by mail ballot post marked on the date of the election to be counted as a vote received on Election Day.

Each City Council will be validating their election results in the next few weeks.

City of Monterey Park Council Election with three winners:

Delario Robinson                                 599 votes or       5.3%

Teresa Real Sebastian *                    2,643 votes or   23.6%

Stephen Lam *                                  2,346 votes or   21.0%

Anthony Wong                                  2,182 votes or   19.5%

Mitchell Ing    *                                  2,847 votes or   25.5%

Joe Ray Avila                                         537 votes or       4.8%

City of Rosemead Council Election with two winners:

Polly Low *                                         1,398 votes or   39.18%

Rosendo Plasencia                               223 votes or      6.25%

Janet Chin                                             679 votes or    19.03%

Bill Alarcon *                                      1,268 votes or    35.54%

City of San Gabriel Council Election with two winners:

John R. Harrington *                         1,504 votes or    40.81%

Denise Menchaca                              1,079 votes or    29.28%

Juli Lynn Costanzo *                          1,102 votes or    29.91%

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