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Citizen About Town

By Nancy C. Arcuri, Editor and Publisher

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Monterey Park Council watchers are asking if the new leadership finally brought civility to City Hall?

Mitch Ing is the new mayor of the city. During Oral Communications at his first meeting on May 6 he interrupted a speaker who was voicing her opinion and concerns about one of the newly elected Councilmembers who is now running for a seat for Congressional District 32.

Mayor Ing and the Interim City Attorney Stephanie Scher advised the speaker, the residents and Council that Oral Communications was to be used to speak on issues on the agenda according to the Brown Act.

Residents can still make suggestions on how to improve the quality of life in our city.

It seems that Mitch Ing will not tolerate personal attacks on Councilmembers, staff or residents.

Hopefully this action will help mend fences in our hometown.

I enjoyed Mitch Ing’s thank you speech after he was sworn in as the new mayor. He proudly introduced his family and friends. He thanked them for their love and support. He also sadly stated that his father and grandfather were not here to share this very special day.

I believe that they were present in spirit and are very proud of their son and grandson.

I also enjoyed Frank Venti’s remarks in his farewell speech. He praised his wife Martha for her love and support. Mr. Venti is very fortunate that he still has his lovely wife by his side.

Not all of us have been so lucky to still be married to our sweethearts. Sometimes the fates choose to take our spouses from our lives.

We then find ourselves beginning a new chapter of our lives.

Monterey Park is looking to change her brand from the first Suburban Chinatown to a Cosmopolitan city.

The Council and staff had a joint workshop on May 8 outlining the plans for the city’s future.

I have written an article on the meeting and I called it “Monterey Park’s Future”. The workshop will be aired on Monterey Park’s Channel 55.

I hope that one day in my lifetime I see my hometown as the “All American City” that caters to all the residents regardless of their ethnic heritage.

It is always been said that only in America can a person from anywhere in the world be united as one people, Americans.

Remember to celebrate Memorial Day in honor of all the men and women who sacrificed so much to keep us a free America.

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