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Attention: Monterey Park Residents

Attention: Monterey Park Residents

By Nancy C Arcuri, Editor and Publisher

On the Monterey Park City Council Agenda for July 6 th Our City Council and staff received an Initiative Petition for Healthcare Worker Minimum Wage Ordinance with was validated by the Los Angeles County Register-Recorder.

These healthcare workers are employed by Garfield Hospital. They are demanding that the city of Monterey Park approved their request to have a $25 an hour minimum wage be paid to them by the hospital.

The staff report requested that the City Council adopt a resolution which certifies the petition as qualifying for the ballot based on the City Clerk’s certification.

The staff report also requested that that City Council adopt the petition and add it to the city’s Municipal code to order election or request a report in accordance with Election code 9214.

The complete verbiage of this staff reports and be found on the city’s website for the July 6 th meeting as agenda item 5-A.

There were 10 speakers and one written letter requesting the City Council approve or have an election to increase their minimum wage to $25. They all stated that they worked long hours at the hospital during the Pandemic and the cost of living has become more expensive so they need a higher salary.

I wonder how many of these Garfield Hospital employees are Monterey Park taxpaying residents?

This addition to our 2022 City Council Election will cost us another $30,000.

The current estimation for have our city elections is $220,000 for three Councilmembers, one City Clerk and one City Treasurer.

Our City Councilmembers Yvonne Yiu, Peter Chan, Hans Liang and Henry Lo asked Karl Berger, our city attorney for his legal advice.

Hans Liang said he needs more information before he decides to place this measure on our ballot.

Peter Chan asked why this ballot measure involves our city? He asked Karl Berger for his advice.

Karl Berger suggested they should order a report in accordance with our Election Code.

Yvonne Yiu said they were able to have 3,272 signatures validated to place their measure on our ballot. She asked Karl Berger if the Council approves the Ordinance can it be changed by another Council. He said that it another Council wants to make changes the voters will have the final say.

Henty Lo said the speakers’ comments were very moving. He understands the issues. They worked long hours and needed better equipment. We have two hospitals in the city. The Council needs a report on the issues and any changes. The Council and the community can be thinking about it. We will let the voters decide.

Karl Berger said we have 16 days to makeup the report. The Council needs to decide by August 3rd on this issue.

I asked Inez Alvarez our Assistant City Manager why this measure will be on our 2022 Election Ballot?

She said as a “General Law City” this measure must be place on our ballot since it was validated by Los Angeles County.

Did you receive a Campaign Flyer from NoUnequalPay.Com?

I did and pulled up their website to discover that this demanded raise will only be for employees working at Private Hospitals. Hospital staff working at Community Hospitals would not qualify for this $25 an hour raise.

Please express your concerns to our Councilmembers about this ballot measure.

I wonder if any other employees working for companies located in Monterey Park will also demand that we force their employers to increase their wages too.

The Monterey Park voters will have the final say on this issue.

Remember that our city will not being paying their wages but Garfield Hospital will be paying their wages.

It could increase the cost of medical care to the general public.

Another important issue that will be discussed at the July 20th meeting should the Council place a ballot measure to increase our sales tax from 9.50% to 10.25% the highest sales tax currently allowed by California State Law.

Monterey Park and Rosemead are the only cities in Los Angeles County that have a 9.50% sales tax while the other cities charge a 10.25% sales tax.

The city staff has been holding many Budget Hearings around our city in English, Chinese and Spanish to advise the residents about our budget and what percent of our 9.50% sales tax we currently receive from the California, Los Angeles County to our city.

Monterey Park currently received 1%  from our 9.50% to support our General Funds that support our city’s services.

Their survey stated that over 51% of people shopping or dining in Monterey Park are from people living outside of our city.

The Council will discuss this issue and request input from the residents if we should vote to increase our sales tax to 10.25% that would give our hometown an additional .75% in income that the county can not take away from us.

It has been estimated that Monterey Park would have increase their sales tax to 10.25% that would increase our income to $1.6 million for our General Fund.

Please consider this issue and call our Councilmembers with your questions and your


I believe that we should increase our sales tax to 10.25% to keep the additional funds in our General Fund to support our hometown.

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