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Citizen About Town

Citizen About Town

By Nancy C Arcuri, Editor and Publisher

Email: nancyarcuri@thecitizensvoice.net

During the June 15th City Council Meeting I commented on our May 31st Monthly Investment Report.  The report stated that the City of Monterey Park had invested  funds of $85,049,444.38.

This report can be located on the City’s website on the agenda dated June 15th.

I thanked our City Council, City Treasurer Joseph Leon and staff for sharing our Monthly Investment Report with us. Now I can see how you invest my property taxes, gas taxes, sales taxes and utility taxes for the benefit of Monterey Park.

At the June 1st Meeting you Councilmembers discussed the request from City Treasurer Joseph Leon to transfer $5 million dollars from Local Agency Investment Fund (LAIF) to Los Angeles County Investment Pool  to earn a higher interest rate on our money.

But you asked questions from Martha Garcia, our Director of Management Services about Joseph Leon’s request to transfer these funds.

Martha Garcia finally agreed that his request was reasonable.

They advised  this Council  that two signatures are required for our funds to be transferred to other accounts.  Currently Joseph Leon and Martha Garcia are approved to sign the legal documents to transfer our funds.

You all  then agreed with Joseph Leon’s request and voted your approval.

You all discussed the possibly to review our City’s Investment Policy at a later date.

I suggested that you wait on this review until after the November election when we have three new Councilmembers and a new City Treasurer for them to participate in this discussion.

I had heard rumblings that a few people want to restrict the City Treasurer’s power to approve or deny how we invest our city’s funds.

Currently we have a four-member investment team: Joseph Leon, our elected City Treasurer, Martha Garcia, our Director of Management Services, Inez Alvarez, our Assistant City Manager and Ron Bow, our City Manager.

May I remind you that our residents voted in Joseph Leon to be our City Treasurer.

Martha Garcia, Inez Alvarez and Ron Bow are our city employees who work for us.

Please remember when Monterey Park Incorporated in 1916 our City Charter stated that we have five Councilmembers, one City Clerk and one City Treasurer.

During our July 6th Council Meeting I advised our City Council and our City Clerk that I spoke to several long time Monterey Park residents on June 25th who did not remember their voting district since our city had been divided up into 5 voting districts.

Please advise our residents of their voting districts before our November elections.

We have our City Council elections for District 1, 3 and 5 as well as our elections for City Clerk and City Treasurer.

I hope we have a Meet the Candidates Forum before November so all of our residents can hear from all of  our candidates on their ideas for our hometown.

I wanted to know if the projected housing site on New Avenue north of Garvey (the old New Avenue School site) will have a traffic light with a left turn signal into the project to improve the flow of traffic on the New Avenue.

The school site did not have a traffic light and it caused a dangerous situation on New Avenue.

Please let me know if the city staff has approved a new traffic light with a left turn signal at that site.

Since our Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade and handed the abortion issue back to all of our 50 states some people have been screaming those abortions should be available to any woman that want one regardless of have many months, they are pregnant.

Some of these people feel that a woman should be able to kill their baby up until their child is born and maybe a few days after their baby is born.

Maybe they should consider the fact that their mothers could have aborted them.

They would not have been born like the estimated 63,000,000 United States of America citizens aborted since Roe v. Wade was approved by a very Liberal Supreme Court in 1973.

I don’t believe that abortions are a greatest form of birth control.

Abortions are a very personal decision for a woman to make and to live with her decision for the rest of her life.

I believe that other forms of birth control should be available to all women in our great country

Children should be born and raised with love so they can enjoy our great American dreams.

Now a very Conservative Supreme Court has determined at our Founding Fathers did not sanction abortion in our Bill of Rights or our US Constitution.

Have you noticed that many elected officials and their followers have continue to demand that we follow their liberal ways at the expense of our country and our very souls?

Have you noticed the January 6th theatrical show put on by the liberal Democrats and some liberal Republicans?

They want to punish our fellow Americans who questioned the Presidential Election results in the 2020 election.

Yet these same elected officials cheered on members of Antifa and Black Live Matters who were destroying our cities,  our livelihoods and our very lives in their Summer of Violence.

I ask why these violent thugs not yet been arrested, tried in our court of laws and convicted of their crimes?

I wonder if George Soros is paying their bills so they only have to work for him?

I wonder if it because some our liberal elected officials want to force us fall in line with their Communist or Socialist lifestyles?

The Communists and Socialists have been trying to destroy our United States of America since they demanded they want One World Order around the end of World War One.

Their One World Order is when they are the elite who will run our world and the other people in our world will be their peasants or slaves.

These evil people are making inroads in our America and around the world.

As we celebrate our 4th of July this month, please remember why our United States of America was created by men and women who wanted to be free from the  European Kings and Queens who demanded their loyalty and their very lives.

Our United States of American is not perfect because it was established by people who wanted to be free to enjoy their religious beliefs, establish their own homes, educated their children and enjoy our American dreams.

If you think that our America it so evil then why are millions of people running across our borders to participate in our freedoms?

You should speak to some of our immigrants who fled their Communist or Socialist countries to become US citizens.

They are telling us of their fears that we need to be very careful of who we elect into office to serve in our federal government, in our state government , in our county government, in our city government or on our school boards.

Our United States of America is the last free country in our world.

May God continue to bless our America and all of us!

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