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Citizen About Town

Citizen About Town

By Nancy C Arcuri, Editor and Publisher

Email: nancyarcuri@thecitizensvoice.net

Monterey Park has a new Mayor Henry Lo and a new Mayor Pro Tem Fred Sornoso who were sworn into office on December 28th.

This meeting like all of the City Council Meetings is held by Special Teleconference because of the COVID 19 virus that has closed our City Hall down to the public.  You can make a special appointment to visit City Hall or our library at this time.

Congratulations to Henry Lo and Fred Sornoso!

Congratulations to Assemblymember Ed Chau on his appointed to serve as a Judge in Los Angeles County by Governor Newsom!

Ed Chau is a fair-minded individual who will be an asset to our legal system in California.

Mike Fong is a current member of the Los Angeles Community College District Board. He announced that he will be running for Ed Chau’s seat for Assembly District 49th in the Special February 2022 election.

I met Mike Fong many years ago when I first attended MERCI’s Trees of Enchantment.  He is a strong supporter of our education system. He is also a strong  supporter of MERCI in Monterey Park.

I also met Keith Koyano who  is a candidate for Los Angeles Superior Court Judge in the 2022 election. He currently serves as a Felony Case Manager/Homicide Prosecutor in the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.

The 2022 elections will soon be here so please be reviewing the history of your candidates and ask them questions to learn if you can support their beliefs before you vote for them.

Many Californians are very angry and upset that some of our District Attorneys are not enforcing the law equality for people arrested for major and minor crimes in their counties.

The two District Attorneys that come to mind are San Francisco County District Attorney Chesa Boudin and Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon.

Have you noticed these District Attorneys are willing to let killers, rapists and other violent criminals to post No Bail or a very low bail to be released  from our jails?  Maybe they receive a court date to return to Court for their hearings. Maybe they never show up for their trials.

Their seem to believe that a low-income person or a no-income person is too poor to bail out of jail so they are free to continue their violent ways.

They have been arrested for breaking into stores and steal expensive goods, stealing drugs from Drug Stores, stealing food from Grocery Stores, stealing cars, phones, wallets and jewelry from our fellow Americans regardless of their race, age or sexual preference.

These thugs seem to enjoy killing their fellow humans just for their perverted pleasures.

Victims and their families have asked these District Attorneys for justice for themselves and their families.

These elected officials don’t seem to care about the innocent people in California.  They seem only to care about the violent offenders.

I understand that recall petitions are being circulated to recall San Francisco County District Attorney Chesa Boudin and Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon.

I guess George Soros is very happy that his minions are become very successful in trying to destroying our legal system in California and across our United States of America.

If you agree that the thugs are destroying our free society now is the time to fight back by supporting our police officers.

Please sign these Recall Petitions and vote to recall these Elected Officials.

Once they are recalled we should request that these District Attorneys be charge with crimes against us and have them tried in our Court of Law.

After they are sentenced to serve prison time then they should  also lose their Law Licenses.

They should be found guilty of murder, rape and other violent crimes just like the violent criminals they set free to prey on the innocent citizens of California.

Many religious people believe that “End Times” are here based on the Bible.

Our world seems to be full of hatred, violence, greed and grief brought to us by many Elected Officials.

They are using this Pandemic to support their reasons for destroying personal and religious freedoms.

I guess that these people have forgotten that when they die, they will be judged by God or a Higher Power on the ways they treated their fellow humans.

May God continue to have mercy on us and our United States of America.

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