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Citizen About Town

Citizen About Town

By Nancy C Arcuri, Editor and Publisher

Email: nancyarcuri@thecitizensvoice.net

As we welcome the beautiful summer month of August California registered voters are awaiting the Recall Ballots for Governor Gavin Newsom to arrive in our mail boxes for the September 14th Election.

I understand that the ballot will have two sections. One section will ask if the voter wants to recall Governor Newsom. The other section will ask the voter who they want to vote into the Governor’s seat.

Many elected Democratic office holders are asking for Californians to vote NO on the Recall in their ads.

Why are they are spending money from their war chests to keep Governor Newsom in power?

Are they afraid that many California voters have had it with their Democratic Party?

Are their terrified that many other American voters will notice that the California voters have decided to cancel out members of their party?

I saw on Fox News that a member of the Communist Party of the United States of America has asked the California voters to vote NO on the Recall.

I was not surprised to see the Communist Party Involved with the Communist/Socialist section of the Democratic Party that are working very hard to destroy our United States of America.

These people are using all of their financial and social power to force us to bend down to them using the Covid and Delta viruses as their reasons to close down our small businesses, houses of worship, our entertainment centers and our schools.

Have you noticed that they will be using the Pandemics to force voters to vote by mail so they can steal the Recall Election and the 2022 Elections to keep their Communist/Socialist Democratic Party in power?

What would our Founding Fathers think about their actions to destroy our United States of America?

Would they call them enemies our country and try them in our Federal Courts as traitors?

When they were found guilty by twelve good Americans should we strip them of their American citizenship and send them to Communist or Socialist countries where they maybe welcomed?

Just think about how prosperous our country would be if all of our Elected Officials put the safety of our American citizens first and foremost.

If some of these Elected Officials would stop playing the race card, the sexual preference card, the religious card and the financial card maybe we could all be American citizens.

Remember that famous quote:  Patrick Henry used the phrase in his last public speech, given in March 1799, where he said, “Let us trust God, and our better judgment to set us right hereafter. United we stand, divided we fall. Let us not split into factions which must destroy that union upon which our existence hangs.”

We are at a stage in the current history of our United States of America that we must decided to be united or let our beloved country be divided up by the Communist/Socialist parties.

May God continue to bless us and keep our United States of America safe from all of our enemies.

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