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Citizen About Town

Citizen About Town
By Nancy C Arcuri, Editor and Publisher
Email: nancyarcuri@thecitizensvoice.net

Did you read or see that the local news media has announced that some of the Elected Officials in California want all new buildings, both homes and businesses, be designed to only be serviced by electricity?

They want to phase out natural gas and other fossil fuels in their New Green Deal to save our Earth from global warming.

If you followed the science over the thousand years you will learn that Mother Nature runs the show on her Earth.

Earthquakes, Fires, Floods, Tornadoes, Volcanoes, Winds and other acts of nature have shaped and reshaped our world over its lifetime.

Mankind is not able to control nature but we can only react to her actions.

Soon after the Golden State Elected Officials dictated that all new building will be run by electricity, I got a notice from Southern California Edison what to do to prepare for loss of electric power caused by Brown or Black Outs during our Fire Season.

Within several days of their announcement in Monterey Park we had a power failure that began at 1:33 AM and continued to approximately 2:06 AM based of the stopped time of one of my electric clocks.

I reset my electric clocks when the time on my cable box stated it was 2: 06 AM.

Now what would have happened to the California residents living in their all-electric homes or working in these all-electric buildings without lights, air conditioning, heating, elevators, escalators, garage door openers, smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms and their electric hook up to charge their electric car?

It would be dark outside at night without our street lights and dangerous to drive without our traffic lights.

We must never forget the people living with the help of the many electronic medical machines to keep them alive.

I recall the news media reporting on November 9, 1965 “The northeast blackout of 1965 was a significant disruption in the supply of electricity on Tuesday, November 9, 1965, affecting parts of Ontario in Canada and Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont in the United States”.

I guess many of our Elected Officials did not recall the Black Out of 1965 that paralyzed parts of our world.

Maybe it happened before they were born and this history lesson was not taught to them.

Remember that history has a way of repeating its self.

Maybe the Elected Officials need to recall the Black Out of 1965 before they repeat the same mistakes for new generations.

Speaking of history repeating its self now we have some American citizens of all races and religions opening hating each other based on their skin color, their religious beliefs, their political beliefs and any other reason to hate each other.

Many of our American families came to our United States of America to escape the horrors of religious persecution in their former countries and the horrors of war against their neighbors.

Many of our American families came to our country for personal freedoms and a chance to make the future better for their children and grandchildren.

Most of the American immigrants could not wait to learn our English language, our customs, find work to support their families and become United States citizens.

Many of these immigrants joined with American citizens to fight and defend our freedoms.

They also brought their holidays and customs to share with all of us.

The United States of America has a long history of people trying to live a good life with their personal freedoms.

Yes, our country has made many mistakes and did not grant all people with their personal freedoms. Our laws have changed over the years to correct these mistakes.

Our United States of America is the freest nation in our world. That is why people are trying to over run our boarders to get into our country. They are not fleeing our country for a better life in any other country in the world.

We all must agree that we do not want to repeat the horrors of the past history in our country and the world.

Reading and seeing the reported media news it reminds me of the World News stories reported by the media from World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam and all of the other horrifying news stories reported from around our world.

I am beginning to wonder if some of us did not learn anything from our past histories.

Why do some people hate other people because they are different?

God has given us our unique life and different talents to help ourselves and to help our neighbors.

I guess we have problems because we no longer love our neighbor as we love ourselves.

May God continue to bless us and show mercy on us and our United States of America!

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