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Citizen About Town

Citizen About Town

By Nancy C Arcuri, Editor and Publisher

Email: nancyarcuri@thecitizensvoice.net

In less than one month since the Biden-Harris ticket took over running our United States of America they have destroyed thousands of jobs on the Keystone Pipeline because he cancelled our contract with Canada with a swipe of a poison pen.

The Biden-Harris ticket has cancelled all of President Donald Trump’s good deals for our citizens with more swipes of a poison pen.

The Biden-Harris ticket has destroyed our personal freedoms with their demand for higher taxes on our income, our utilities, our transportation, our food, our medicine and our clothing.

The Biden-Harris ticket has decided that we don’t have a right to free speech unless we agree with their radical ideas.

The Biden-Harris ticket has decided that our American borders will be opened to any one who wants to live in our country. Our American tax dollars will now support these people who do not want to become U S citizens. They only want our free education, free medical services, free food stamps, free food and government subsided housing.

The Democratic Party must need more illegal voters to help keep them in office across our United States of America.

The health and safety of American citizens are not their concerns.

Our Senators and Congressmembers are guarded by thousand of military personnel, when they work in the US Capitol.

Now the Capitol Police Department wants the Capitol Building surrounded by fences.

Washington, DC now looks like a barricaded war zone.

So much for another one of our freedoms.

I am sure that our Founding Fathers and all of our military members who died for our freedoms are rolling in their graves.

They may be now be asking if their sacrifices were made in vain?

Did your read or see the news on January 23 that the First Works Baptist Church located in El Monte, CA was fire bombed because Pastor Bruce Mejia believes that homosexuality is against God’s law?

Supervisor Hilda Solis called the crime hate speech when she was interviewed by the news media.

The Southern Poverty Law Center stated this church was a hate group because of their view against the LGBTQ community.

Now we have people on record who have stated that your religious freedoms may be considered a hate crime.  If your religious believes are different from theirs.

The U S Conference of Catholic Bishops sent Joe Biden a letter because he stated that now boys can compete in girls’ sport if the say they are transgender, his view on abortion that is OK to abort a baby up until the moment of birth, his views on conception, marriage and gender. He current views conflict with morality teachings of the Catholic Church. He is not a Catholic in good standing.

I recall my childhood friend whose mother married a divorce man so she was not allowed to receive the sacraments from the Catholic Church.

Joe Biden was a widower when he marriage Jill Biden who was divorced.

Did he get a dispensation from the Pope like Teddy Kennedy did?

When Ms. Harris called Joe Biden a good Catholic, I recalled my childhood friend and her mother.

Joe Biden and his family members that include his brothers Frank, John and James and his son Hunter have made money under suspicious circumstances. Some new reports have accused them of influence peddling both in the United States and overseas.

Then again, many Americans suspect that some of our elected officials serve themselves more then they serve their fellow Americans.

Did you read George Orwell’s book “1984”? It was about “Big Brother” watching you and your life styles.  “Big Brother” was his name for the government.

Did you read George Orwell’s book “Animal Farm”? It was about a society where all animals are equal but some are more equal them others.

Did you read Ray Bradbury’s book “Fahrenheit 451”? It was about censorship of society. It was determined that is the heat you need to burn books.

Today some Americans believe that we are now living under the Biden-Harris regime in “1984”, on their “Animal Farm” with their “Fahrenheit 451”in their United States of Communist/Socialist America.

I do not believe that the Biden-Harris ticket want to unite our United States of America.

I believe that want us to understand that “we should do as they say and not as they do”.

They want to destroy our US Constitution, our Bill of Rights, our religious freedoms, our rights to be individuals, our abilities to support our families and our households.

They want to convert our United States of America to their perverted views of their world of hate, violence and their end justifies their means.

On February 9 the US Senate majority voted to hold an Impeachment Trial on former President Donald J Trump.

Our US Constitution states only a sitting elected official or civil official can be impeached.

Now since the Senate changed the rules of the game, I have a long list of current and former elected officials and civil officials that we should impeach that include Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Gavin Newsom and many more for their theft of our income tax funds to spend on their Witch Hunts, aiding and financially supporting our enemies, holding corrupted elections, violating our US Constitution rights, influence peddling and moral turpitude.

(Legal Definition of moral turpitude: An act or behavior that gravely violates the sentiment or accepted standard of the community. A quality of dishonesty or other immorality that is determined by a court to be present in the commission of a criminal offense.)

If you have been following the news media and reading the newspapers over the years the evidence has been well documented.

Now all we have to get is our US Senators to hold Impeachment Trials against these current and former elected officials and civil officials.

Do the Democrats now realize that they could also be impeached by Republicans with their new laws?

When I watched the storming of the US Capitol Building on January 6 it reminded me of the same type of violence visited on other people in other cities across the USA by members of the Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA.

I wonder if these thugs will ever be punished for their violation of our laws.

Now the 75 Million people who did not vote for the Biden-Harris ticket are being joined by many of the 80 Million people who did. They have just witnessed the destruction of our America at the hands of greedy and violent Communists and Socialists.

They are following Adolf Hitler’s instructions to destroy anyone who does not agree with their policies.

Remember that old saying if you tell the same lie again and again it then becomes the truth to some people.

Nikita Khrushchev stated many years ago that the United States of America will fall from within.

Mr. Khrushchev must have met with many of our US Senators and Congressmembers when he served as Premier of the USSR from 1953 to 1964.

I hope and pray that Mr. Khrushchev is wrong but so far, our American history is proving his prediction to be correct.

May God continue to bless us and our United States of America. May God keep us safe from all of our enemies both foreign and domestic.

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