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Citizen About Town

By Nancy C Arcuri, Editor and Publisher

Email: nancyarcuri@thecitizensvoice.net

Was your vote really counted in the 2020 Presidential Election?

I voted in this election in my hometown of Monterey Park in person at Union Church LA located on New Avenue.

The staff was very helpful as I registered with them and handed them my vote by mail ballot that I did not request from Los Angeles County Register/Recorder’s Office.

I have been voting since I was 21 which was the legal age to vote for us born in 1946. I enjoy voting in person.

This 2020 Presidential Election was different from other elections because of the COVID-19 virus that has caused wide spread panic in many parts of our world.

So, our Elected Officials decided to send out mail in ballots to everyone listed on their voter rolls.  It did not matter if the voter had move out of the area or died, they still received a mail in ballot.

That fact has cause possible fraud in many cities and counties in our United States of America.

Many counties like Los Angeles County have been sued by “Judicial Watch” to delete dead voters or voters who have moved out of the area from their voter rolls.

I hope their law suit was successful to reduce voter fraud.

Did you notice when the California Polls closed at 8:00 PM the News Media announced that our 55 Electoral Votes went to Joe Biden?

But not all of our ballots in Los Angeles County were counted. Many other ballots were not counted across our United States of America.

Why do our Federal and State Elected Officials allow the News Media to determine who has won any Election based on their formulars?

On November 6th I called the Los Angeles County Election Information at 1-800-815-2666 and learned that as of November 5th 791,000 ballots have not been counted.

693,000 ballots were mailed in and balance of these votes were Provisional Ballots.

Yes, California allows people to register and vote at the same time. This action also opened the door to voter fraud.

So, I guess that in my many years of voting in our City, our County, our School Boards and our Federal Elections that my vote may not have been counted because I vote in person on Election Day or a few days before Election Day.

All of my life I have been told that your vote is your voice and you should always vote in each and every election.

Now at this stage in my life I no longer believe that my vote matters in any election.

I have always voted as well as pay my taxes and even served on Jury Duty over the years being a good American citizen.

Now at the age of 74 I feel that my right to vote has been devalued by this 2020 Presidential Election.

I may never vote again since the Powers That Be in the One World Order have decided that my vote as my voice does not matter to them.

I am one of the over 71 Million Americans that believe that this 2020 Election was rigged by the Power-Hungry Democrats in our country.

Why is your Democratic Party so full of young Communists and Socialists who want to try to change our America into their vision of a Communist or Socialist World?

I am very sure that Joseph Stalin and Karl Marx are rejoicing in their graves that their beliefs are being embraced by young radicals around our world.

I want a refund on my thousands of tax dollars that I have spent to educate these left-winged American students.

They want to re-write our American History to change our American values since they hate our United States of America.

I suggest that these young people should be shipped to countries around the world that have embraced Communism and Socialism.

Will Cuba, China or Russia allow them to immigrate into their societies?

Maybe we Republicans should demand that Joe Biden be Impeached for Influence Peddling for his son, Hunter Biden and his brother, John Biden when he was Vice President.

Their family made money as us taxpayers paid for their travel expenses.

There is so much evidence of their criminal activity out in the public domain.

I forgot that members of the Democratic Party can do no wrong in the eyes of many Americans and many other foreign governments.

Why did Kamala Harris, an attorney and the former Attorney General for the State of California, allow Kevin Shenkman, a Malibu attorney and his client “Southwest Voter Registration Education Project” based in Texas threaten and bully cities like Monterey Park and School Boards in California to change their voting from at large to voting by Districts and be sued it they fought it in court?

Kevin Shenkman claims that we Violated the California Voting Rights Act because we did not allow Hispanics to serve on our City Council.

Monterey Park was Incorporated in 1916.

If Kevin Shenkman checked our list of elected mayors, he would have realized that people of many ethnic groups have served our city over the years. The only ethnic group that has not been elected into office is a person of African heritage.

If he checked out the true facts that in 2018 two Hispanic Newspaper bragged that now Hispanic people exceed the number of White people in California.

According to our 2010 census Monterey Park had approximately 62,000 residents with 28% Hispanic residents, with 5% White residents, with 1% Black residents and with 66% Asian residents.

Kevin Shenkman has bragged that he has made a good living suing cities and school boards for his one Texas client.

I wonder if Kevin Shenkman is a member of the new Democratic Communist and Socialist Party?

I believe Kevin Shenkman has stolen our right in Monterey Park to vote at large in our city elections.

Now some Americans have an elected Political Group who are going to destroy us from within.  Most of them have been trying to destroy our America with Open Borders, Social Unrest that has been destroying our Public and our Private Properties without penalties, giving our hard-earned tax dollars to people and countries who hate us.

Their New Green Deal will continue to destroy our economy more that the China Virus has done.

I am glad I am as old as I am so I will not live to see our United States of America being destroyed by the many Communists and Socialists that have sold our America out to the highest bidders.

I want to thank all of our Veterans for defending our United States of America from our many enemies who have tried to destroy our country.

May God have mercy on us and our United States of America!

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