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Citizen About Town

Citizen About Town

By Nancy C Arcuri, Editor and Publisher

Email: nancyarcuri@thecitizensvoice.net

I am voting for Donald Trump for president on November 3rd.

I am a Conservative and agree with the Republican Platform that follows our U S Constitution. I strongly believe every American can succeed in achieving our American Dream.

To achieve anything in life takes hard work, determination and a belief in yourself.

I am paying taxes for our children to receive a good education. I have noticed on the mainstream media that some of our children have not learned to respect other peoples’ ideas and their property.

I believe that our education system has failed some of our children and some of our educators along with their parents need to be held responsible.

It seems that some of these educators believe that our America is a racist country that does not allow people of color to achieve success.

I was educated in a grammar school in Maryland and in a high school in Washington, DC with children of all ethnic heritages and various religions.

We met each other and learned about our different cultures.

We enjoyed our time together.

I worked in Corporate America for 47 years. One of my favorite jobs in the Mortgage Industry was in Loan Origination where I learned about peoples’ job histories, income histories, credit histories and their real estate.

When the main stream media had a fit that President Donald Trump paid $750 or less on his Federal Tax Returns over the years. I recalled one of my loan files where the borrower had Millions of dollars in income, savings and other assets.

I had his last two years of Federal Tax Returns in his loan file and I could not discover one cent in income not written off on his 1040’s.

I recommended that Loan Committee approve his loan and I know that he would never default on his mortgage.

My manager being a CPA ran all of the figures on the 1040’s and could not fine one cent of taxable income either.

He expressed admiration for the borrower’s CPA and wished he had this borrower’s tax accountant.

Thanks to our elected officials we all have many tax right offs. We just have to figure how to use them or have a professional do your tax returns.

Maybe those elected officials should ask their CPAs to help them read President Trump’s tax returns.

Why are they relying on some newspaper reporters for the bottom line?

Since many of our Congressmembers and Senators state they are highly education they sure don’t sound highly educated to the average Americans.

I believe our Democratic Party is now the Party of Panic who are very desperate to run our United States of America in the ground so they can create the United States of Socialist America.

I am sure the Devil is very happy to harvest their souls and add them to the souls of the various dictators who have rob their residents of their personal freedoms and killed them over the years.

Have you have been watching the television news stations and noticed Governor Gavin Newsom standing in front of live pictures of the fires in that are burning in California? He decided to speak about Global Warming and his plans to have all fossil fueled vehicles off the roads in California by 2035.

Governor Newsom did not speak about the state’s lack of Forest Management that would have helped cut down the dead and dying trees and the dry brush that has been burning over 4 million acres in our state as of October 4th.

Gavin Newsom reminds me of the story of Nero, a Roman Emperor who fiddled while Rome was burning.

Nero blamed the Christians and had them put to death.

Galvin Newsom blames us for the fires burning around our state as his excuse to take away our modes of transportation.

It has been reported that 95% of all of these fires are started by humans.

Maybe he should hire more loggers to remove our dead trees

in the mountain areas and hire goat herders to help clean up the dry brush.

On October 1st Governor Newsom rejects California return-to-work bill for hotel, airport and event industries.

These taxpayers want to return to work to support their families but Gavin Newsom said NO to these Californians who want the right to work in their chosen fields.

I find it very interesting that his government is housing Homeless Seniors in our hotels without them paying towards their room and board. We taxpayers are footing the bills.

Now he telling the taxpayers that you have no right to work but keeping paying the bills.

Our Governor Newsom and most of his Sacramento buddies are not living in the real world.

California residents have been forced to stay at home and only people working in special fields are allowed to work.

His government has shut down our non-essential businesses in his opinion and is trying to destroy our economy.

Many small business owners will never recovery from the government shutdown.

Monterey Park like a lot of cities and counties are trying to save our economy from failure.

The city has approved outdoor dining and shopping that meet the Health and Safety guidelines of the state.

Most of our fellow Americans have stated that some local and state governments have violated our Constitutional rights by keeping us under their lockdowns.

I am amazed the it is OK in several cities and states to demonstrate and destroy private and public property. But is against the law to pray in your churches and synagogues.

Most of our family members immigrated to our United States of America for personal and religious freedoms.

Now we are challenged with some of the evil suggestions and plans to change the course of our country from Capitalism to towards Socialism to match with the famous One World Order suggested by a few world leaders before World War One.

If you are a Conservative with strong beliefs you want to live with your family and friends in a safe world.

If you consider yourself to be a Liberal then you may favor the One World Order where all of the wealth and property in the world belongs to the government.

You will be working to increase the wealth of a few and maybe you would receive some crumbs for you and your family to survive.

If you think that Socialism is a good idea then I suggest that you speak with immigrants who fled their home counties to live in our America.

They want to pledge their allegiance to our United States of America so they can enjoy our many freedoms.

Another issued pushed by some Liberals is that America is a racist country against Black Americans and Hispanic Americans.

They should speak to their Grandparents and other family members who immigrated to our America because of religious and race issues in the old countries.

When my ancestors came to the United States of America they were discriminated against because they were Irish Catholics and Lutheran Germans. Their religions and customs were different from other Americans already living in our country.

My husband’s ancestors immigrated from Italy and were looked down by some Americans because of their language and culture.

History teaches us that our fellow Americans have immigrated from everywhere in our world.

Yes, we all may look different and speak many languages but we are all human who deserve love and respect.

We must develop a plan to share our love and respect with each other as we are all God’s children.

Please vote on November 3rd!

May God bless all of us and our United States of America!

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