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Open Letter to the Monterey Park Residents

Open Letter to the Monterey Park Residents

Thank you for your kind gesture in dedicating the June 5, 2019 meeting to honor my husband. You give our family a chance to reflect and appreciate what Monterey Park has to offer us the opportunity to become where we are today.

Thank you for making our son Arthur the official tennis coach in Monterey Highland School that allowed him to help many disadvantaged youths to play tennis. Our daughter Helen, who participated in the Highland Park speech contest, in our effort to learn from other culture and won first prize in Spanish to her surprise. It has been a rewarding experience to work with PTA Volunteers and Alhambra School Board to help build the auditorium so that our children will no longer have to attend the graduation ceremony under the sun.  I had the opportunity to apply and received the All America City Award from USA Today. We transformed the Davison Brickyard into the development of the LA/Monterey Park Corporate Center.

Now you have taken further steps in making Monterey Park one of the three best cities to live in America.

One of the most important accomplishments was Paul ability to launch the largest voter registration drive.  He developed a comprehensive voter registration tracking system and published a Voters Bilingual Handbook to help new citizens participate in the mainstream of American life.

Lily and Paul have always been mentoring the younger generation and not having to travel the winding road. We would like to develop the world citizens would have the best qualities of the Eastern and Western cultures to promote world peace.

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