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Citizen About Town

By Nancy C. Arcuri, Editor and Publisher

Email: nancyarcuri@thecitizensvoice.net

The Monterey Park voters are asking if our City Council has requested a legal opinion from Xavier Becerra, our State Attorney General on the California Voting Rights Act.

Is this the CVRA an amendment to our state constitutional or a law approved by Sacramento?

Are the Attorney General and his staff aware that the Southwest Voter Registration Education Project based in Texas and their law firm, Shenkman & Hughes from Malibu are threating and suing cities, school boards and other entities to force them to draw up voting districts and only allow voters to vote for the candidates in their districts?

Are the Attorney General and his staff aware that Sacramento claimed that our low voting turnout is the reason that our small city was forced to hand over our local elections to Los Angeles County?

Are the Attorney General and his staff aware that Los Angeles County failed to provide several neighborhood-polling places in our last City Election held in 2017 and the thousands of registered voters listed as missing at their polling places during in the 2018 Presidential election?

Are the Attorney General and his staff aware that Monterey Park is a General Law city that has been voting at large since 1916?

Most of the Monterey Park voters are willing to have voting districts but we would still like to vote for our candidates are large.

Are the Attorney General and his staff aware that these actions have a chilling effect on our U S Constitutional rights as American citizens to vote by forcing us to vote by districts to validate that we are not diluting a minority candidate’s right to be elected into local government?

Are the Attorney General and his staff aware that we will in the future be forced to vote at county polling places or vote by mail?

Are the Attorney General and his staff aware that our U S Constitution gives us the freedom to vote or not to vote in any and all of the elections?

Has the Attorney General and his staff verified with the United States Attorney General in Washington, DC that California is not violating our sacred right to vote?

No wonder California has a low voter turnout?

Is it because our elected officials in Sacramento don’t want conservative voters to vote in our elections?

Our ancestors emigrated to the United States of America for personal and religious freedoms.

Many of them fought and died to keep our America a free country.

Our ancestors would not believe how the liberals and left-wingers are trying to destroy our United States of America.

Why are many of the Democrats now serving on Capitol Hill, as Governors, as State and local officials turned their backs on the core values of our America?

I watched President Trump’s State of the Union Address and noticed many of the women dressed in white failed to recognize all of the positive results made to our America including a middle class tax cut, a higher employment rates for women and people of color, keeping our country safer by sending more troops to our Southern border and recognizing our veterans from World War II as well as other special guests.

When President Trump spoke about the sanctify of life especially the states passing laws supporting late term abortions and the parents’ right to kill their new born baby if they so desire. So far the governors of New York and Virginia are pushing the legal right to kill children.

I did not see any one of these women supporting Presidents Trump on this issue. I guess these liberals don’t want to see American children born.

It seems our core values to protect the innocents are no longer popular with these socialists who want to destroy our country.

Why is it OK for illegal children to move into our America at the expense of us, the taxpayers?

These women danced around when President Trump said it is the100th Anniversary of the Women’s Right to Vote and now 58% of the women in the United States are in our workforce.

Why do these “Never Trumpers” want to destroy our United States of America by promoting “Socialism”?

History has recorded that  “Socialism” has never worked in the Soviet Union, China, Cuba and now Venezuela.

I wonder if they still teach world history, civics and geography in school?

I recalled learning about the history of our America and the world. It provides me with the knowledge to determine how I vote for the best candidates for the jobs in our government.

I hope and pray that Americans come to their senses before our United States of America is destroyed from within as stated by Russian Dictator Nikita Khrushchev in the 1960s.

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