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Citizen About Town

Citizen About Town

By Nancy C. Arcuri, Editor and Publisher

Email: nancyarcuri@thecitizensvoice.net

Happy New Year!

This January we California residents will see our newly elected and reelected government officials take their oaths of office.

They will swear to uphold our United States Constitution and our California Constitution to protect us from all of our enemies so help them God.

I am still angry with our Democratic leadership in California but I still voted for Senator Dianne Feinstein because she is more conservative then Kevin (Sanctuary State) De Leon.

I still voted for Congressmember Judy Chu because she has a record of helping all of her constituents. We don’t always agree but we can disagree with respect.

I voted for Mike Eng for State Senator because he has a record of helping all of his constituents that he served during his many years in public office.

The voters elected Susan Rubio, a schoolteacher and member of the Baldwin Park City Council as our State Senator because several PACTS spent thousands of dollars to get her elected. You may ask why because she does not have the experience to serve the voters? Was it because she is a woman? Or is it what many voters suspect that she will always be their yes votes?  Hopefully she will not do too much damage to our tarnished state of California until she is voted out of office.

I voted for Ed Chau as our Assemblymember because he has a record of helping all of his constituents.

I voted for John Cox for Governor because I don’t like the liberals in Sacramento who have used our race, our religion, our sexual preferences, our education and our wealth against all of the California voters and residents.

I don’t like their Sanctuary State policies that endanger us by not allowing our U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers from deporting all of the illegals who have served their time in our jails and prisons out of our country.

I don’t like the liberals in Sacramento who want to have open borders with Mexico, Central and South America. They have sworn an oath to protect us from all enemies but don’t bother to protect us from these foreign trespassers.

I voted for Jim McDonnell for Los Angeles County Sheriff because he understood his job was to protect us from harm and work with ICE to have the illegal criminal elements deported out of our county.

He lost to Alex Villanueva. Newly elected Sheriff Villanueva’s first statement to his staff is for all of the high-ranking officers to remove their gold pins from their uniforms.  He also stated that he would reassign some of their high-ranking officers based on their experience to serve in lower rank positions.

Was his questionable actions part of his promises made to the rank and file union that supported him during the 2018 election to remove and replace some of them in his inner circle?

I hope they have voters’ remorse after they find out that he will not be keeping all of his promises to them.

Did you see his picture in the local newspapers wearing his five stars in a gold circle and stating he would not allow ICE into his prisons to deport the illegal criminals out of our country?

Sheriff Alex Villanueva reminded me of a German SS Officer ordering the death of thousands of people as pictured in the old newsreels from the1940s.

I hope the liberals will understand when their family members, friends or themselves are attacked or killed by these illegal criminals that should have been deported by ICE. They should recall that they demanded our America to have Open Borders.

If an illegal criminal attacks or kills your family members please try to sue or prosecute the liberals who are destroying our cities, counties, states and our America.

Will our New Year of 2019 bring Peace, Prosperity, Good Health and Happiness to all of us?

I pray that God will provide us with the knowledge to protect our America and keep our country  “the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave”!

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