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Citizen About Town

Citizen About Town

By Nancy C. Arcuri, Editor and Publisher

Email: nancyarcuri@thecitizensvoice.net

I have been seeing and hearing about people slamming and shamming conservatives on American news stations because of their political and religious views.

Our United States of America is celebrating our 242nd year of independence from England on July 4th.

Our forefathers decided to sever ties with England in 1776 because of their high taxes and demands on us living in our 13 colonies in the New World.

Since 1776 many men and women fought and died so we can remain a free and proud America.

Our Declaration of Independence states: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Currently there are United States citizens and foreign nationals that want to abolish these rights. They want our America to opened our borders and allow everyone to move into our nation regardless of their political or religious beliefs, customs, poor education, poor health and lack of their ability to be self-supporting.

I hope we learn the lessons on open borders from Germany and France.

These countries allowed immigrants from countries that do not approve of the German or French customs and life styles.

It was reported on the national news that men from Muslim countries have attacked young women dressed in the latest styles that these men find offensive.

To these people their religious and cultural beliefs matter more then the religious and cultural beliefs of their host countries.

England has it’s own issues since they have allowed immigrants from various countries into their country.

It has been reported that these immigrants have established their mini-countries with the boundaries of their host countries.

Citizens of all three of these countries have been victims of terrorist attacks that have injured and killed many innocent people going about their daily lives.

Our America has also suffered a few terrorist attacks since September 11th that killed and wounded our citizens.

Our United States government has been working very hard to help keep us safe from these dangers.

We have suffered from lone wolf attacks that have shot up schools, homes, shopping centers, restaurants, businesses and religious centers.

Most of these criminals have both been arrested and brought to trial or have been killed by the police or their own hand.

American has it own gang problems and criminal thugs that plague our cities with their thefts, shootings and killings.

Why should our America open our borders to anyone who wants to live here?

Any new immigrants should be vetted like our ancestors did at Ellis Island and Angel Island.

Only people who want to become good American citizens should be welcome if they can benefit our country with their education, be self-supporting, be willing to follow our nation’s laws and be willing to serve and protect us from harm.

We need to solve our problems like homelessness, school dropouts, the lack of motivation to be self-supporting and many more issues that plague our country.

Now we have people who want our America to accept all of the illegal migrants who only want the many free benefits of our society.

Ask your self why the American taxpayers should have to support the thousands of illegal migrants (men, women and children) overflowing our borders because they demand to live in our America?

Why should America lose our rights to protect our country from invaders who are told by their governments that they have a right to invade our country?

You should be cautious of all of the elected officials, government employees, social services, religious groups and other people who are trying to destroy our American dreams.

There is a movement in our America that is trying to destroy our Constitutional rights and freedoms for their own means and desires.

If these “ugly” Americans and their hateful supporters have they way then our America may not  celebrate our 250th birthday as a free country.

Please remember the thousands of men and women who fought and died to keep us free as you ponder your ballot for the November 2018 election.

I hope and pray that our America will still be the home of the free and the land of the brave.

I hope that God will continue to bless our America and all of us.

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