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Citizen About Town

Citizen About Town
By Nancy C. Arcuri
Email address nancyarcuri@the citizensvoice.net
Fax number 626-307-9081

Gung Hay Fat Choy! Happy New Year!

I want to thank Frank Venti for extending an open invitation welcoming residents to address Council from the podium.

I want to thank the members of the United Democratic Club for recognizing me with their wonderful award People Who make a Difference in our community. I want to also thank Councilmembers Frank Venti, Mitch Ing, Anthony Wong, David Lau and Sharon Martinez for recognizing my dedication to our community.

The January 2009 issue opened a new era for us in cyberspace.  The layout is much different and we are working on improving it. This is a learning curve for all of us.

One of the greatest advantages of publishing on our website is that all of our pictures are now printed in living color. You can enjoy seeing all the wonderful colors through the eyes of our cameras.

We have a web master who uploads all of our stories, letters, articles and pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Now we are part of a growing trend to publish newspapers in cyberspace.

Welcome to the Lunar Year of the Golden Ox.

A new year is a time of change and rededication in our lives.

In 2009 we face many challenges to overcome the tough economic and social issues facing all of us. We need leaders dedicated to improving the future of our hometowns.

Money woes are high up on the list of most cities that need to pinch the pennies harder to pay their employees and their bills.

The real estate values have fallen and many residents are upside down.  We are all trying to make ends meet and planning for a better future.

Voters in Monterey Park have a chance to vote to keep Sharon Martinez and David Lau on our City Council. They have been working hard along with the other Councilmembers to bring new businesses into our hometown. We have a balanced budget and have one of the safest cities in the San Gabriel Valley.

Our financial outlook is very positive according to Mayor Frank Venti at his recent State of the City Address.

If our city is doing so well according to Mr. Venti then there is no need to change leadership in Monterey Park.

I am voting for Inflatable Water Slide Sharon Martinez and David Lau on March 3. They put our city’s needs first and foremost.

My friends in Rosemead are very concerned about their city’s future. They want to retain Margaret Clark on their Council and add more stability by voting in Sandra Armenta and Steven Ly.  They believe that Mrs. Clark, Ms. Armenta and Mr. Ly will improve the future of their hometown.

My friends in San Gabriel are very happy with the current Councilmembers Harry Baldwin, Dave Gutierrez and Kevin Sawkins.  They have been working with the other Councilmembers as a team to improve the future of their hometown.

Please honor all the men and women who have sacrificed and died to keep our country free by voting on March 3!

At the Monterey Park Council Meeting on February 4 the Council voted to instruct the staff to send out RFP’s for our city attorney services.

Mayor Frank Venti has allowed his personal agenda to overcome the legal welfare of our city.  He has been trying to intimidate our city attorneys for the last nine years. He never votes to pay the warrants for Brown. Winfield, Canzoneri, Abram. Yet our current law firm has a very successful track record of winning the city’s legal battles.

Longtime residents know Mr. Venti has not been successful in any lawsuits he filed against our city. So he has been trying to have our winning law firm replaced by a different law firm.

Members of our Blue Ribbon Committee have investigated our legal expenses and have determined that the Law Firm of Brown, Winfield, Canzoneri, Abram have provided us with outstanding legal service at very reasonable prices.

Now the staff will be choosing the lowest bidder for our legal services.

Former Councilmember Francisco Alonso said if the city would lose a case that it could cost up to ten years in legal fees.

Hopefully Brown, Winfield, Canzoneri, Abram will bid on the RFP so Monterey Park can retain one of the top ten legal firms in California.

This is not the time for local governments to be penny wise and pound foolish with our limited funds.

The future of our hometown depends on good people voting. Please vote on March 3!

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