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New Mayor in Monterey Park


Congressmember Judy Chu swore Hans Liang into office at the City Hall on November 3 in front of his family, friends, supporters and residents.

She recalled meeting him 15 years ago He is a probation office who served at the Asian Youth Center. He was elected to the City Council and will be a great mayor.


Assemblymember Ed Chau swore Peter Chan into office during the ceremony in front of his family, friends, supporters and residents.

He recalled the Peter Chan and he attended La Salle High School together in Hong Kong.

Members of the Monterey Park Police and Fire Explorers presented the colors and outgoing Mayor Anthony Wong led the flag salute.


Veronica Summer Ramirez sang our National Anthem.


Assistant Pastor Eddie Chism led the invocation. He asked God to bless Hans Liang and assist him with his leadership decisions.



Lani Liang and 22 students from Chiao Hsin Chinese School prayed in Chinese for the knowledge and success of Monterey Park.


Outgoing Mayor Anthony Wong gave his farewell speech at the October 15 meeting. He thanked the Councilmembers and staff for their support. He thanked the USA and residents of Monterey Park for their support. He came to this country four decades ago without much money and not great English. He is working to make Monterey Park a good place to live and shop. He supports the service clubs and low-income residents. He held Town Hall Meetings to advise the residents about the new changes to our commercial centers. The future of Monterey Park must be planned for the future.  Monterey Park has helped him to live his dreams. Our children and grandchildren will live their dreams. He asked God to bless America.


Community College Board of Trustees Mike Eng was the Master of Ceremony. He welcomed everyone to this event and introduced special guests that included Congressmember Judy Chu, Senator Ed Hernandez, Assemblymember Ed Chau, Long Beach Police Chief Jim McDonnell, Garvey School Boardmembers Bob Bruesch and Janet Chin, former City Clerk Dave Barron, former Mayors David Lau and Lily Lee Chen, Alhambra City Councilmembers Gary Yamaguchi and Steven Sham and Dr. Sophie Wong.



Mayor Pro Tem Peter Chan signed his contract in the presence of Assemblymember Ed Chau.  Jenny Chan, his wife, presented his new badge and Kevin Chan, his son, presented him with his new business cards.

Peter Chan said it was a big honor to stand here as the Mayor Pro Tem of Monterey Park. He thanked everyone for coming. He thanked Anthony Wong for his guidance as mayor. He thanked Teresa Real Sebastian and Mitch Ing for working together with him. He congratulated Hans Liang as the new mayor. We will follow your leadership. He thanked the city manager, department heads and staff for this event. We are moving to a better future. His door is always opened to everyone. We will work together and move this city forward.



Mayor Hans Liang signed his contract in the presence of Congressmember Judy Chu. Frank and Melinda Liang, his parents, and Lani Liang, his wife, presented him with his gavel, new badge and new business cards.

Hans Liang thanked Mike Eng for being the MC.  He introduced his family to the audience. He thanked Judy Chu and Mike Eng for their support and guidance. He thanked them for helping him. Life is full of first steps. One step is now he is mayor. He thanked the guests for attending this ceremony. He thanked the Council for their support and guidance.  He stated that mayor is just a title. Peoples’ actions move us. We will all work together. He was elected to represent all of the residents. We are guided by the city’s motto: “Pride in the Past” and “Faith in the Future”. We should always remember our past. Progress requires a steady effort. He will continue to work towards moving the city forward. He spoke about the Market Place, a greener Monterey Park and the plans for the future. He thanked all of the past leaders for their service to Monterey Park. We must work for our goals and improve the future. He stated that he had the prayer service in both English and Mandarin to show us that we are more the same than different. He thanked his mentors for their guidance. He thanked the city staff, department heads and Council for their hard work and dedication to our city. He thanked everyone for attending and asked God to bless America.


Congressmember Judy Chu presented proclamations to Hans Liang and Peter Chan.


Senator Ed Hernandez presented gold coins to Hans Liang and Peter Chan.


Assemblymember Ed Chau presented proclamations to Hans Liang and Peter Chan.


Garvey School Boardmembers Bob Bruesch and Janet Chin presented proclamations to Hans Liang and Peter Chan.


Members of the Chinese Minority presented Hans Liang with a good luck scarf.


Members of a Chinese Culture Club present Hans Liang with a good luck scroll.


Members of the San Gabriel Valley Entrepreneur Lions Club honored Hans Liang and Peter Chan.


Two students from Chiao Hsin Chinese School Students joined Hans Liang and Peter Chan presented them with flowers.


Police Chief Jim McDonnell congratulated Hans Liang and Peter Chan.

Mayor Liang thanked everyone for coming to his special event. He thanked his wife, Lani Liang for her support.

He called the meeting adjourned and invited everyone to enjoy the refreshments.

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