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By Mona Raskin

September will always be remembered by Americans for the horrendous attack on our nation on 9/11,2001.  Since then the surrounding area where the twin towers once stood have been rebuilt including a special museum listing the names of our fellow Americans who were massacred by undesirable Middle East terrorists!

At this point, one would think this unbearable event in time would secede and the Middle East would return to normal! Unfortunately, a new group of nasty extreme terrorists are now on the scene!

Well if all the above was not enough for our country to handle; our states have been having problems, such as serious incidents such as the shooting of a young American boy by a policeman!  Although, an ongoing investigation, people in Fergusen, Missouri, are angry because, they feel they are not treated as fairly as other Americans are!


In addition, another serious event occurred in Northern California, a huge earthquake 6.6 took place in the Napa Valley in which tremors were felt in Vallejo, California as well.  Daughter, Rachel resides in Vallejo and unfortunately experienced items falling all over her property!  Rachel is also a reporter for the Vallejo Times Herald newspaper and had to immediately respond in her paper and report this event!

Well so far September has had much to reveal!  We sincerely hope that there will be much more positive and pleasanter events to report in the future

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