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Assemblymember Chau comments on passage of the 2014 California water bond

On August 13 Assemblymember Ed Chau (D-Monterey Park) released the following statement after a vote to replace the current $11 billion water bond measure in the November ballot with the $7.5 billion, 2014 California Water Bond:

“I applaud the diligent effort of the Legislature’s leadership in crafting a water bond that is committed to the goals of ensuring reliable water supplies, the restoration of important species and habitat, and a more resilient and sustainably managed water infrastructure; especially as California continues to grapple with frequent and severe droughts that will no doubt impact our water’s future.

“Funding for water treatment and remediation was a priority for our region to combat the contaminated water that has been a constant threat to the San Gabriel Valley’s water supply; so I am pleased with the provisions of this water bond that allow our local water districts to compete for funds to recycle used water and cleanup groundwater in order for our basin to continue serving as a sustainable, clean water source for the community.

“Ensuring that groundwater cleanup is done at a vigorous pace, so that our basin can be a reliable source of water for the region has been an ongoing objective for me, since taking office; so I was glad to see language in the water bond that will incentivize grantees to pursue cost recovery funds from parties responsible for pollution by allowing those recovered funds to be used for ongoing treatment and remediation at the local level.”

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