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By Mona Raskin

You might say that a sudden rainstorm in August would truly shake up Southern Californians!  Until now they have been sweltering in a deep sauna!

In fact, we were considering on visiting the San Diego area to escape the unbearable heat on August 2nd. While on the freeway, we suddenly noticed a flash of lightening, followed by a heavy down pour.  Due to the horrific change in the weather, we had to continue slowly to avoid any skidding!  For awhile I thought, we just might turn around and return home!

Before we knew it we realized we had reached our destination, a place called The Springs of Escondido, where we spent two nights! The following day we met an interesting and lovely couple, Don and Alexandra Kirkpatrick! Don was a former army service man, involved in the entertainment industry, as well! He had produced a variety of projects, one of which I will now display!



By Donald Kirkpatrick

I want to wake up to a new America

where everyone is totally free

I wanna wake up to a new America

where you got the right to be you

And I have the right to be me

I wanna wake up to a new America

where poverty is no longer in sight

where violence will finally take flight

So if you share this dream

Its a vision you can see

Lets march together toward a beautiful destiny

I wanna wake up to a new America

where everyone has the same opportunity

to reach the highest star

no matter who they are

in our great land of liberty

A new America for you and me

Actually it was a good idea that we stayed on to enjoy Alexander and Don’s company.

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