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Ynez School Celebrates 100 Years


Principal Carla Danner-Powell, Assistant Principal Chris Ng, Alhambra School Superintendent Laura Teller-Galleno, Alhambra Boardmembers Bob Gin and Adele Andrade-Stadler, Monterey Park Councilmembers Anthony Wong and Hans Liang and Bob Estrada joined in the celebration on February 13.

The Alhambra School District founded this school in 1913. The schoolyard was decorated in yellow and blue, the school colors, as 900 students and some of their parents joined in the festivities.


The old time capsule buried in 1985 was dug up and opened by Joel Sanchez and Bob Estrada.


Principal Carla Danner-Powell welcomed everyone to this celebration. She thanked the celebration committee, services clubs, staff and volunteers for their help in making this event successful. She thanked all of those who came before us.

She wished a Happy Birthday to Ynez!


Sharon Bise, Chandra Leoni and Beryl Williams members of the Monterey Park Historical Society provided artifacts from Ynez School that are housed in the museum for the students to study. There was a large picture taken of students in front of the school along with schoolbooks and mementos from the past.

School Boardmember Bob Gin said this is a wonderful occasion to see the school. He recalled visiting this school many years ago when he was a kid. This is a wonderful school. You are part of my family. Happy Birthday Ynez!

Assistant Principal Chris Ng gave a brief history of the school over the years. It was damaged in the 1933 Long Beach Earthquake. Currently 900 students attend this school.

Yazmin Yang gave the Centennial Fair Speech. She provided a short history of this school and thanked Richard Garvey Jr. for his dedication to their school.

Ten students each told the audience about their special likes at this school and they thanked their teachers for their support.


The 1985 artifacts included a lunch tray, textbooks, a yearbook, students’ happy lists, a scrape book, a cassette tape and a letter about the future of computers.


The new artifacts to be buried include a copy of “The Hunger Games”, “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” and “Pete the Cat”, a copy of the Los Angeles Times dated February 13, 2014, a Centennial tee shirt, students’ pictures and teachers’ pictures.

The students sang Happy Birthday to Ynez!

They ended the party with a carnival as part of their special school day.

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