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Attention Monterey Park Voters

Olson Urban Housing, LLC wants to purchase the 9.15 acre commercial site located at 2015 Potrero Grande Drive to built 80 new homes on the old garden center and nursery across the street from Resurrection Cemetery.

The property must be rezoned by a vote of the people to residential so the developer can built their housing on this site.

$80,000 the estimated election costs will be paid for by Olson Urban Housing, LLC as stated in an agreement between the city and this company.

According to the staff report this housing project if built will increase our population by .05% and not have any adverse effect on the wildlife or their habitat.

Lets talk about the negative effects on the residents on this side of town.  We would lose 9.15 acres of a prime commercial development site if the zoning were changed to residential. When the Market Place is developed and fully occupied where will we locate additional commercial businesses? Most residents in our side of town do not want more overbuilt housing. We want more places to shop in our hometown so we can spent our hard earned money in Monterey Park and enjoy more city services paid by our sales tax dollars.

Please study this issue before you vote.  Once the zoning is changed to residential we lose that large parcel of commercial property forever.

This special election paid for by the developer is scheduled for June 3.

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