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Monterey Park’s New Mayor


Teresa Real Sebastian, the outgoing mayor, called the January 22 Special Council Meeting to order. She led the flag salute.


Sam Lo sang our National Anthem that filled the Council Chambers and the guests with pride.


Father John Kyebasuuta, the Pastor of St. Thomas Aquinas Church, led the Invocation. He asked God to bless Anthony Wong and help him do his duties with honesty. He also asked God to bless the people of Monterey Park.

Mayor Teresa Real Sebastian gave her farewell address to the audience. She thanked everyone for attending this rotation of Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem, which happens every nine and one-half months in a four-year term of office. This time flew by for her. She spoke about some of the highlights of her term that included a 2013-14 balanced budget with no new taxes; all of the city’s departments heads have been hired; the $1.8 million in reserves; the revised zoning ordinances; the extended leases with the golf course, Boys & Girls Club, White Cane factory and the Chamber. We opened an Emergency Operations Center and have purchase new Spirit buses. City Hall has been repaired and painted. She spoke about the upgrades to Langley Center and the parks. We gave MERCI a $42,000 donation. She started a new program “Walk with the Mayor”. The employees’ furloughs will be over in April as the city has overcome their financial issues. She spoke with pride of the Christmas snow in the city that was enjoyed by hundreds of residents and their guests. The library will now be opened seven days a week beginning February 1. She cautioned that we have a lot of work to do for Monterey Park. We must work smarter to achieve success. Let’s move forward for the sake of our city. She thanked the staff, residents, businesses and the community groups for their support. She thanked her family and friends especially her husband, Arman for the their love and support.

Mayor Teresa Real Sebastian received praise and proclamation from many organizations that included the following:


Mayor Real Sebastian received flowers and praise from her Snow Committee members: Carol Sullivan and Shirley Hwong.


Mayor Real Sebastian received a thank you from the San Gabriel Valley Lodge of the Chinese Americans Citizens Alliance for requesting that Congress issue a letter of apology for their treatment to the people of Chinese heritage.


Mayor Real Sebastian received a proclamation from Henry Lo and Daisy Ma from Assemblymember Ed Chau for her service to the community.


Mayor Real Sebastian received a proclamation from Janet Chin from Senator Ed Hernandez for her service to the community.


Mayor Real Sebastian, incumbent Mayor Anthony Wong and Mayor Pro Tem Hans Liang received a proclamation from the Chambermembers John Man and Mary Wong for their service to the community.


Mayor Real Sebastian received a proclamation from David Anastasin from the Rotary Club for her service to the community.


Outgoing Mayor Teresa Real Sebastian presented incoming Mayor Anthony Wong a gift. She said the traditional began when Councilmember Mitch Ing presented her with a gift after she was sworn in as mayor.

The Council voted to rotate Anthony Wong in as Mayor and Hans Liang in as Mayor Pro Tem.

Joman Wong was the Master of Ceremonies. He welcomed everyone to this special event and introduced some special guests in the audience.


Lani Liang administered the Oath of Officer to her husband Hans Liang. She also pinned on his new badge as the audience clapped.

Mayor Pro Tem said it is his honor to serve as Mayor Pro Tem. He thanked Teresa Real Sebastian for her service as mayor. He congratulated Anthony Wong. He thanked staff, residents and family especially his wife Lani for their support.


Congressmember Judy Chu administered the oath of officer to Mayor Anthony Wong. She is pleased to install him as the next mayor of Monterey Park. She has known Anthony Wong for many years. They met 38 years ago. He is so involved in the city. She called him Mr. Monterey Park. He has helped to build the city. He helps people in need. He has dedicated himself to Monterey Park.


Los Angeles Community College Boardmember Mike Eng presented the gavel and badge to Mayor Anthony Wong. He said it is his honor to be here tonight. He also has known Anthony Wong for many years. He is dedicated to the city.


Mayor Anthony Wong and Mayor Pro Tem Hans Liang seated at the dais after the rotation of Councilmembers.

Mayor Wong thanked all of the residents and their guests for attending this event.

Many letters from Hong Kong and other Chinese communities honored him.  Mayor Wong moved to Los Angeles and 28 years ago he moved to Monterey Park to open his business and raise his family. He is grateful for the many opportunities this country has given him. He also spoke about the repairs made to City Hall and Langley Center as well as the tennis courts. Residents complain about the illegal hotels in their neighborhoods. We are making progress in the city. City Hall will be opened five days a week in April. We are upgrading our 13 parks. The Market Place will be here soon. We have reduced the crime rate in the city. We have three hotel projects in the city’s future that will provide $4.3 Million in revenue for our city. Residents must be heard regardless of their ethnic or language requirements. He spoke about the future of Monterey Park and his plans to have more town hall meeting in the communities. He is so impressed with the great people who live in Monterey Park.  Let’s celebrate the treasures of Monterey Park. Let’s build a better Monterey Park. He thanked everyone who attended this event.

Mayor Anthony Wong received praise and proclamation from many organizations that included the following:


Mayor Wong received a proclamation from Henry Lo and Daisy Ma from Assemblymember Ed Chau for his dedication to the city.


Mayor Wong received a gift from Sam Park our Senior Senator and a member of the Lions Club for his dedication to the city.


Mayor Wong and Mayor Pro Tem Liang received a proclamation from Miss Taiwan Global Irena Wong for their dedication to the city.

Mayor Wong thanked everyone for joining in the celebration. He thanked staff and his family for their support. He introduced members of his family in attendance.

He thanked his friend Stephen Lam providing the delicious food from the Duck House located at 501 S. Atlantic Blvd. in Monterey Park. For more information please visit their website WWW.DUCKHOUSE.COM.

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