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A day to remember

By Mona Raskin


Monterey Park’s annual Chinese New Year’s festival was once

again held on Saturday, January 25th and Sunday, January 26th of

this year!

As usual this celebration was swamped with a huge crowed1

Many still complained that they still lacked of proper parking space

However, when we entered the premises, we were handed a

large cloth shopping bag by a lovely lady.  The bag had a variety of

brochures filled with items that one might wish to explore!


While still checking out the bag’s contents, two young  firefighters

strolled by and cheerfully said hello!  We didn’t realize it then but they

would prove to be especially helpful later on!

We then proceeded on to inspect the various booths along the

way. Many of them had an assortment of merchandise!  One had a big

display of straw hats!  Well pretty soon we had approached the Yup-

racing booth in which the “star” of this event was residing!  It held a

beautiful brown horse named “Cherilsh Jewel!  Alongside, was his

young lady jockey companion, Cecily Evamns !  We truly enjoyed this

outstanding event!

Unfortunately, I suddenly realized I had lost my purse!  Lo and

behold, our new friends, firefighters when ahead and contacted the

local police !  We were then in the police protection, who then had our

home and phone  address!  We sadly went home and awaited some

word about this incident!  Well, it wasn’t long, about an hour and a half,

when I heard a knock on our door  It was a police officer holding a purse

and lo and behold, I was mine!

They had truly saved my day! I am savoring this moment to truly and

to thank our firefighters and the outstanding efforts of our city’s police

for returning my purse and all the contents inside it so quickly!


An additional thanks that I was able to include the special “year of the

Horse Event” In spite of the mishap in between!

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