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A Family Affair

Kathy Wills, a longtime Monterey Park resident, celebrated her son, Karim Soliman’s 60th Birthday at the famous Steven’s Steak House on February 9.  Kathy Wills, her son Karim Soliman, his wife Hanna Soliman, their son Adam Soliman, their daughter Rasha Soliman, Kathy Wills’ son Kent Niepert, his wife Jean Niepert and their sons Nicholas Niepert and Kristofer Niepert all joined with family and friends to celebrate this special occasion.

Ashton Ruiz and his sister Ashley Ruiz joined with Nicholas Niepert and Kristofer Niepert to entertain the guests at the party.

The birthday cake was surrounded with pictures of Karim Soliman’s family and one of him dressed as a cowboy.  A picture of Tyrone Wills, the family patriarch who passed away on February 8, was placed near the cake to honor of a wonderful husband, father, grandfather and friend.

Kathy Wills welcomed everyone to Karim’s birthday party.  She recalled that when he was born 60 years ago the nurse presented her with a large baby boy who weight more than 10 pounds and looked like he was two month old. She thanked everyone for attending his party. She spoke about the joy they share together and is glad to have him in her life. She introduced her family and friends to everyone. She sang a special song in Arabic and Happy Birthday to her first-born son.

Ashton and Ashley Ruiz welcomed the guests to Karim’s 60-birthday party. They sang a special request by Miss Kathy to honor her husband, Ty with his favorite song “To Be Young, Gifted and Black”.  They sang a special request from Karim to honor his wife, Hanna of 35 years with “Because You Love Me”.

Nicholas and Kristofer Niepert with their father Kent as the mike stand wished their Uncle Karim a Happy Birthday and dedicated their songs in memory of Grandpa Ty. They sang “Can’t Help Falling In Love”, “Yesterday” and their new song “Airplanes”. The family was on their way to San Diego to record their new songs.

Kent Niepert thanked everyone for celebrating his brother; Karim’s birthday and honoring his stepfather Ty Wills.

Kathy Wills shared a special moment with her grandsons Nicholas and Kristofer Niepert.

Kathy Wills shared a special moment with her grandchildren Adam and Rasha Soliman.

Kathy Wills shared the spotlight with talented Nicholas and Kristofer Niepert and Ashton and Ashley Ruiz.

Nicholas and Kristofer Niepert are professionally known as the NicKris Brothers. They can be reach on their website calovix@yahoo.com or Twitter.com.

Ashton and Ashley Ruiz are professionally known as 2-U-Neek. They can be reached at 2uneek@gmail.com, 210-343-9892 or www. 2-U-NEEK.com.

It was a wonderful celebration of family and friends to celebrate Karim Soliman’s birthday and to honor Ty Wills’ life.

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