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Colorful Life & Happy Navigation Qigong Symposium

Was held on Jan 17, 2014



Host: Dr. Anyork Lee (former chair of California Acupuncture Board)

Speaker: Chuo-Lun Lee (vice president of Polstar Technologies, Inc.)

Former chair of California Acupuncture Board, Dr. Anyork Lee, has been a doctor of Chinese medicine for over 30 years.  He mentions that the percentage of Asians with liver disease is high and that he himself once contracted hepatitis B.  There is a Chinese saying, “Life is bleak for a person living with a liver disease.”  For people with a liver condition, Dr. Lee strongly recommends qigong on top of Western and Chinese medical treatments.  At the symposium Dr. Lee will discuss the effectiveness of qigong from a scientific perspective and shows that Western medical research has taken a keen interest in qigong.  He will also share his personal experience of qigong practice.  After practicing Tai Ji Men qigong for three years, he frequently hears people say to him, “Wow, you look much younger than before!”

Many people after practicing Tai Ji Men qigong have strengthened their liver and kidney function and restored their health.  Chuo-Lun Lee, vice president of a high-tech navigation device company, suffered a liver disease in his early twenties, and his liver function index (SGPT) was over 400 U/L (the normal range is 1-55 U/L). At the time, he often felt exhausted and was extremely worried about his health. Upon the recommendation of his family, he started practicing Tai Ji Men qigong to nurture his body and mind.  Through this qigong practice, he has not only restored his health but also learned the “heart kungfu.”  He has learned to let go of his worries and stay calm and relaxed in the face of challenges.  He used to work in the research and development department of his company but later on was assigned to take charge in the sales department.  He has well adjusted himself to take on the new job responsibility and help his company to earn big profits.  Now he enjoys not only a successful career but also a happy marriage with two adorable children.  His life has turned from bleak to colorful!

Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy, a nonprofit organization, aims to promote the essence of Chinese culture and improve the physical and mental health of the people of the world.  It frequently holds symposiums to share with the public the ancient wisdom of yin and yang as well as health tips for the modern lifestyle. The academy is located at 385 S. Lemon Ave., Suite G, Walnut, CA 91789.

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