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by Mona Raskin

When the holiday season is about to begin, many home owners

are anxious to either repair or remodel their property!  At this time, you

may receive several phone calls from home improvement developers.

At this time, you maybe rather anxious to attend to your special

project immediately!  However, you must be extremely careful and not

allow yourself to submit to any salesman’s fast “talk” !

An example, a year ago, I signed up for a new bathroom tile

floor!  The salesman tried to convince me that we should just paint

the room instead!    However, I said no and that he should bring a

a tile sample for us to choose!  Well, before we had a chance to

figure it all out; he insisted we sign a paper, which included a $750


Two weeks later, he fails to return and we were told that

he had the flu and would return the following week!

Well, your right, he did not return and thinking that he eventually

would return, I just put the file aside!

The following year, we called the company, and low and

behold, he is at our door!  He kept on insisting on just painting!

I, angrily reply, that at least having put us on hold for so long, he

should at least adhere to our request or return our deposit!

Supposedly, it should be on the way!

P.S. I hope to have some good news by our next issue!  In the

Meantime, stay aware and make sure the sales man is

sincere before you sign up along with down payments!

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