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A Night At Sea Onboard PF 65

By Anthony Giger

I went on watch about midnight 01200. I quickly noticed the starboard halyards were flying loose we were having a perfect storm night. I couldn’t understand how the halyards become loose.

My thoughts were interrupted by the voice of the Communications Officer Mr. Sullivan. “Signalman retrieve the halyards”. Looking at his cold blue eyes I realized he was giving me an order. A possible life or death order. He reiterated,  “That’s an order”.

Being the obedient sailor I was I proceeded to climb the mast. The waves were 40 feet high lashing at the ship causing the ship to toss back and forth. Like a bucking bronco trying to unseat its rider. I held on to the mast tightly losing my watch cap as I ascended up to the cross-section of the mast. I then shimmed out to the halyards grabbing them with a free hand. I could see the sea anxiously reaching out to grab me and make me a victim. I moved back quickly and descended back down hooking the halyards back in the flag bag.

Mr. Sullivan never said a word or mentioned the incident to anyone that I’m aware of. The incident should have been noted in the ships’ s log.

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