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By Mona Raskin

When America was founded by the British, the land

was open to other nations such as some Scottish, later the French and

Spanish, as well. The important factor was to have a national language.

one that this new nation would accept.


Having just returned from a trip to No. Carolina, I had

the fortunate opportunity to visit one of the first large plantations in the

historic town of Hillsborough, No. Carolina. This outstanding plantation

estate was  owned by William Kirkland (Scottish) . It was surrounded

by English settlers , as well as, an Indian trade station!  We also saw

a huge painting of Thomas  Jefferson hanging over a fireplace! He

was America’s third President!

Since, I heard that there was quite a stir at our city

council’s last meeting that some of our newcomers (Chinese merchants)

were rather upset about being criticized for their insistence of their

signs, as well as, their language in their native country language rather

than our nation’s tongue “English”!  Although, I personally object to any

cruel or nasty rhetoric, I believe that this situation could be cleared up

simply when newcomers try to learn their new country’s history, as well

as, their language!  After all, not too long ago, European newcomers went

through a similar situation.  It took them a long time to adjust and adapt

to their new nation’s laws and language!  In fact, it took them another

generation to truly reach that plateau!

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